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  1. Thanks Rick Yes have been soaking and then bending. Letting them dry when the are all clamped on the boat. Leaving overnight or at least 4 hours before unclamping then glueing and clamping again. I think it maybe too humid in the house?? When the glue up I push them all together then reclamp and leave for at least 12 hours. They have all gapped. I agree wood putty may be the way to go unless I pull them all off and start again. Going to have a big think about it today. May start again I think. Col
  2. Gday So I started the build a week ago, rainy cold winters weekend here in Canberra AUS. First ever wooden model, so it should be interesting. I chose the kit as it seems people recommended it as a beginners kit, so why not? I had a look through numerous build logs to get an idea on what was involved, and luckily there is miles of really good information and handy tips on how it all works. I decided from the get go that I would take advice from members who had built the kit, so thanks to Rick01, AndrewW for the info and inspiration. So off we go..... I had read through the instructions (pretty light on too be honest) the night before. Cutting out the parts was easy enough. Sanded and dry fit before glueing up. Glue was just the normal woodworkers PVA (we have oodles of it for woodworking 😉 ) First the ribs and spine. Squared it all off with a machinist square. Then put all the decks in as per the instructions. Then the Top Gallent Following on from the instructions, I then went on to the planking after sanding all the ribs so they would sit nicely without any gaps. And more planking and the Garboard. This caused a bit of angst as I wasn't sure I had it right. But I figured I would get it in then adjust if necessary. Sorry the photos got mixed up (above). Did some more planking and then thought to myself something doesn't look right. Looking at the front I forgot that the stem and keel had to go on after planking, so a few adjustments had to be completed. Then I looked at the garboard and remembered what the planking info said. So I marked and cut these off as the Simple Hull Planking Techniques advised not to bend them up. Whoops, exactly what I had done. So of the ends came. After sanding and trying to adjust them I wasn't happy with the way they were going. So off came the Garboard planks. I also put in some balsa blanking strips to the front. I still need to sand them down. So the plan now is too?? Not sure what I am going to do now. Reading a number of posts on here, tips and tricks and watching youtube to give me some hints. So I am taking today off from it just to concentrate on getting my head around what to do next with the planking. If I need to I may take more of the side planking off. Anyone have any suggestions on the best next step?
  3. No worries. Will put it in the build log.
  4. Gday All Wow I never thought there would be someone close Mike. Good to know. And yes I will take the advice. I started the build Sunday (It was raining so couldn't forge a modelling hammer I am making). Photos taken but I will hold off putting it up until I get a bit further along. Watch this space!!
  5. G'day All Looks like I'm not the only member from Australia. Just getting into the hobby. Only just bought the HMS Endeavour Longboat, and keen to get a start on the model. Have read all the build logs from other members. And will take all recommendations. May not post a build log as yet, but I will wait and see. Have been doing plastic models for years and am a keen woodworker. Also make knives on the side. Loving the hints and tips from other members. Seems like a great source of info and advice.

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