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  1. hi all some more photo experiments. some with just led room light on. the yellower ones are with the desk lamp on. 1/10 scale resin busts. naval midship man about to board enemy vessel a pirate!!! and just for fun wellington and napolean. moderaters feel free too move these if they are in the wrong section. cheers...mick
  2. hi carl i have altered some settings on the camera and took some new photos of the recently reorganised workshop and current state of washington build. Look a bit more natural , certainly less blue. cheers...mick
  3. Hi Carl Blueish tinge down too led light....probably need to make an adjustment to the camera as well!! Get round to it in due course. Found some k+s 1/16 x1/64 at a place called Eileen's emporium.co.uk Went crazy and brought a whole bunch of stuff!!!
  4. hi guy I reckon the hinges work out to approx 1/2 inch thick in real life. started off with k+s special shapes metal 1/16 by 1/32 as the basic strap material which was the soldered and filed to shape. In an ideal world i would have prefered 1/16 by 1/64 but could not get hold of any so they do look a bit chunky. Im not sure the guys that built these ships would have been overly concerned, they would have probably used/manufactured whatever was to hand. Im off now to scour the internet looking for brass strips!! regards...mick
  5. hi all not strictly modelmaking but some latest wood bashing.
  6. lots of nice things from chuck at syren ship models. came through in record time and only one small breakage,which is easily fixed. must have been some rough air over the atlantic. syren ropewalk syren serving machine and the syren royal barge kit. thanks to chuck .....i am going to look forward to putting all these together in due course.
  7. hi all small update new name plate for washington. cheers....mick
  8. hi carl thanks for your kind words . finding another job is going to be a long slog.....not entitled to benefits other than jobseekers allowance for six months,which will not amount to a great deal ....apparently i have too much money in the bank!!!!! taking the opportunity of my enforced sabatical to catch up with a few jobs before i can get back to modelmaking. parents estate will be resolved this week so one less thing to worry about. must endeavour to get washington galley finished and then decided on the next project. just had three deliveries from chuck at syren will take the obligatory photos once the camera battery has charge up! cheers...mick
  9. hi all cant believe its been so long since i posted anything! unfortunately two family bereavements, both parents, and being recently made redundant after 27 years with the same company has kept me otherwise engaged. I have not forgotten about everybody and the site and hopefully will soon be back in the thick of it. cheers....mick
  10. hi all another addition to the growing library! seamanship in the age of sail.......£15 ebay jean boudriot history of the french frigate £65 ebay ouch !(but couldnt resist as all copies i found online were £140 plus.....£350 in blue leather binding!!!!) keep the reading quota busy for a while cheers...mick
  11. hi will look forward to you starting your log with regards to the stove.......silver solder paste as used by jewellers was the prime "glue". comes in three basic forms low temp medium temp and high temp.........start with the high and work down to the low for the final bits. i did try using two part epoxy on a previous attempt but was not happy with the results. cheers....mick
  12. hi again i forgot to mention in the previous post that a little help is required.Regarding the lateen rig. The plans show only the basic position of the ropes. my knowledge of lateen rig is scanty to say the least. some help with regards to how the ropes were attached to the yards and how the ropes were joined together (see photos) would be gratefully received. cheers....mick all photos courtesy of nrg/msw
  13. hi all a small update just for the time being masts are in the process of being made....... other completed components are safely stored in a plastic box. still lots to do...mainly fiddly stuff!!
  14. working a crazy shift pattern that let no time for anything paul.......shift pattern has now reverted to something like normal. mick is now officially a happy bunny cheers for now
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