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  1. @Chuck Seiler I think it's like this - there are internal channels are at the tops and the rope loops underneath the block. Dashed lines are internal
  2. Nice to see the progress! Regarding inspiration for blocks, here is a block from the Almere wijk 13 cog
  3. @Chuck Seiler thank you for the tips! I've learned a lot of the videos of how square sailed ships sail, most videos I've seen before was multimasted ones. Tonight I imported the ship plan into cad and made the hull. I tried to stay as close as possible, but had to stray in some areas, and that is the same areas as I strayed in my other build when I used much more lowtech ways of doing my drawings of the frames. I did a quick check to see that no strakes would be forced into strange shapes. Red curves are my new sections.
  4. Thank you @Chuck Seiler for the clip! I havn't seen it before and it was interesting. Fascinating that they didn't steam the planks. And what a massive ship! I had not understood that vikings built that large. My cog is a bit special as the first strakes becomes clinker towards the ends. This was very clearly seen in the wreck.
  5. I have started a new thread for a new version of this build, please give me your input of things you think I should have done differently.
  6. So, I have just finished my build of a small 15th century cog and while I am pleased with the result, there are some things I wish I would have done differently. The only reasonable thing to do is to start over again 😛 Old build: I guess most people would start with a new ship, but I don't feel like I'm done yet with NZ43 and would like to fix some issues, and I would like your help to find them. Here is my list of changes, and I would very much like to hear your thoughts on them. Wood The old model used fir and it it was just as bad as everyone here tol
  7. This weekend I did the last details and I guess the build is finished! Thank you all that have helped me along the way and encouraged with likes! Here are some final pictures. I read on the forum about focus stacking where you make an image sharper by combining several images with different focus points to make one sharp image and it worked out nicely.
  8. Nice build! I'm glad I found your thread as I now what the L shaped rigging pieces look like! I read about them in the book about the Kalmar finds but just couldn't find any pictures of how they were used. Now I know, thank you.
  9. @Louie da fly is that you? That's a really nice kit! What kind of armour is that? I think it's hot in the summer here in Sweden with the woolen clothing, I can't imagine how it must be in Australia! I painted miniatures when I was young and I'm glad I saved the paints for the odd occasion like this. The oldest off the paints is almost 30 years old and some still work.
  10. Thank you for all the comments! @Louie da fly yeah, the hose got a bit too perfect, but I could always say that they were made to look like in the paintings rather then how they look in real life?
  11. It was really fun to make the clothing! It helped a lot to have sewn before as some of the pieces were cut just like the real thing. It worked out great using the same tissue paper as the sail and it got a great consistency when covered with watered down PVA. It was an interesting experience as it was a bit similar to sculpting as one pushed around the goo to form wrinkles. The triangles are gores and make the skirt part of the surcote wider. The person on the foredeck wears an open frock and you can see the doublet underneath (I didn't get the
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