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  1. quite a good trip it was..... i live in santiago so valparaiso is quite a destination for me, for work issues or just to go for the weekends.... very nice place to live too. Valdivia was home between 1996 and 2009. I studied there and after graduating worked in ASENAV for some 9 years, which is the big blue buildings shipyard you must have seen across the river on the costanera. I just love that place, fresh and cheap fish all year long, quite a warm summer and cold winter. After Valdivia i left for Seattle for quite some time and it was not much of a change other than the size of th
  2. Hi All! Thank you very much for your kind welcome... As for a build log, maybe i will do one with the 1/200 bismarck.... not sure.... everytime i started one i lost interest and in the end the project goes straight to the bin. CAthead, ill be writing you on your post. Lots of familiar places there. Thanks again! German
  3. Greetings from Chile! Yes... Chile! Very glad to have found this forum.... I wasnt that much of a ship modeller until a few months ago so i just discover this very nice group. Started with models some 35+ years ago with a few 1/72 matchbox airplane kits and it has been my hobbyever since with some deviations in between (who aint..) with Marklin HO trains, R/C sailboats and girls. A friend asked me to build a 1/350 Tamiya Yamato Premium edition back in january of this year and it turned out really good with the addition of a wood deck and some eduard railing. Now im fini
  4. Hi all! I got to be honest.... after seeing this post a few days ago i decided to sign up in this forum and get me one of those Joy-Yard USS Missouri kits (together with a VeryFire 1/350 USS Montana).... Im eager to see the progress on your builds! Kind regards German
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