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  1. 20210115 Have made steady progress; hull is complete with all items installed including bowsprit (more shaping needed) and anchors. Along they way I re-learned that one needs to read measurements on the correct scale (yep, there is definitely a difference between mm and 1/16’s of an inch) and sometimes you just have to say ‘enough for tonight; will finish up tomorrow’). Being patient with the X-Acto knife, a set of ingrown toenail clippers (repurposed as plank nippers), needle files and some emery paper allowed me to finish the side rail cap including the rounded bow and stern co
  2. 20210109 Slow work the last few days. Took time off to hit the mountains for some winter hiking & snowshoeing; will do some more during weekends this month. A lot of painting these days – hull (upper and bottom), trim, fittings. The upper hull & fittings are black, the trim piece is red and the bottom hull was painted with several coats of bronze until I got it looking like I wanted. (Don’t have any copper paint in my stock and the stores are closed for several more weeks so bronze had to do.) I also painted gratings, windows, anchors and bright work for the stern
  3. 20201230 Got started on the Yacht America (Corel, 1:155, solid hull) on Sunday – which became sanding day. I also painted some of the smaller metal parts (anchors, cleats, bright work [primed only]) as glue was drying. As of this evening I have the hull sanded, keel in place and part of the upper works completed. I gave the hull a light prime coat of white paint along the way which actually helped bring out some of the minor hull imperfections that I hadn’t seen so it was back to sanding. I filled in along the keel (machined slot was a hair too big in a couple of spo
  4. s'20201224 Reached the point this past Monday evening where I just knew that I would get the dory finished before Christmas. Things just started clicking once I had the bands glued on and the gunwales bent. I had decided a couple of weeks ago, before the non-essential stores were closed, that I would spray paint the hull. I located a can of mustard yellow for the hull (cap color closely matched the color chip on the pot of ochre brown that I also bought just in case). Sprayed on a universal white primer once all the hull pieces (except the caps) were installed and while that wa
  5. 20201220 Worked an hour or so after work during the week and a few hours yesterday (beautiful day out; too nice to spend all day inside so hit the trails on the bike). All progressing slowly & steadily: sand plank, bevel plank edge, taper ends, soak, bend, sand, glue, sand ends even with stem & stern, repeat with next plank. Installing the risers was interesting only because I tried to figure it out from the plans (if there were marks on the frames as mentioned in the instructions, I sanded them off somewhere along the line). Once I had the risers glued in s
  6. 20201212 Have the frames assembled, set up on the building board and the boat’s bottom (to include stem & transom) glued to the frames. The instruction book is really quite detailed and easy to follow so every has been straight forward so far. The frames are assembled on top of a page in the instruction book. I xeroxed the page, taped it to the cutting board and assembled the frames. The wood is quite thin so it requires a light touch while sanding. Same once the frames are on the building board and a bit more sanding has to be done to bevel them so the bottom f
  7. 20201209 Started work on the Lowell Grand Banks Dory. This is billed as a starter kit but no matter; I decided to try my hand on an open boat that is bigger in scale than the two sailing ships I've finished over the past several months. I like the look of this boat; think it might look good in one of the grandkid’s rooms. Anyways, so far all I’ve accomplished is to inventory the parts and assemble the bottom of the boat. Have the frame pieces laid out and ready to glue up; will get that done in the remaining evenings this week and then start work on the hull this wee
  8. Finished rigging the mainsail on Monday evening; assembled the fore sail with foremast standing rigging on Saturday; completed the fore sail running rigging & added a homemade pennant today – end result: work complete! This has been a fun project. As for what’s next I haven’t decided yet – I have the Revell 1:72 Stearman Kaydet and the Model Shipways 1:24 Grand Banks Dory waiting. May do the ‘Yellow Peril’ first just for a change of pace but expect to start work on the dory before Christmas.
  9. 20201122 Making progress today during a 6-hr session drilling out blocks, threading line, tying eyes and tying knots. Finished prepping the mizzen sail yesterday and mounting it to the mast. Started today fixing the standing rigging to the mizzen mast then working the running rigging through the various blocks and eyes down to the eyes, cleats and upside-down ‘L’ brackets. Finished off the day with the two main parts of the main sail running rigging. The blocks have been interesting. None of them had holes large enough for even the medium size line (0.5
  10. 20201115 Finished the standing rigging on the main mast and after spending some time looking at it, and the plans of the sails, decide that I would hold off on the standing rigging for the fore and mizen (wonder if that is proper terminology for a junk?) masts. I finished the main sail this week (hand-stitched so the battens could be easily incorporated) and then had an interesting time attaching it to the main mast with needle & largest (0.75 mm) thread while working around the standing rigging (had to ‘unsew’ a couple of times as I accidentally caught the rigging in th
  11. 20201108 Finished the Christmas ornament project this morning and went to work on the masts for the ship this afternoon. Have them all cut, tapered, assembled and stepped. Will start for on the rigging tomorrow evening. On top of each mast is a smaller diameter ‘flag’ mast. At the base of each ‘flag’ mast is a large bead; a smaller diameter decorative bead is located a bit higher on the ‘flag’ masts. The beads that were supplied had holes that were about 1 mm in diameter; too small for the 2 mm ‘flag’ masts. While drilling out the holes I – oops - dropp
  12. 20201101 Slowed down on work on the ship so I could start tackling some craft work on Christmas ornaments & decorations for the grandkids. Completed all of the deck railings today and will start shaping masts this week. Hope to have the masts installed by the end of the week so I can start on the rigging.
  13. 20201022 All ladders are installed along with the two gangways. Cathead rigging is completed and the anchors are hung. Sounds like it was simpler than it was given the small size of everything. More work to come as the railings are created and installed followed by masts, rigging and sails. Enjoying all of it – even the occasional ‘oops’ followed by a few unseemly words. Learning something every day while doing this.
  14. 20201017 Interesting week as I was able to get a couple of long days in on the ship (I had the past Monday off from work – yea!) followed by the nightly 1-hr after work session. Started by assembling the capstans. The instructions seemed to make it a relatively simple, straight-forward item; however, reality hit when I opened the sub-kit and realized the parts were a bit different from the instructions and that the vertical supports were too thick to allow access to the holes for the inner set of handles. Several hours of X-Acto knife work, files and sandp
  15. 20201011 I realized after looking at the ship for a bit last Monday that I have the bulwarks one plank higher than the plans/picture on the box. Decided it looks fine and decided to leave it that way. It makes the sides more than head high; I’m thinking I’ll add some steps in a couple of places on each side to offset the side height. Added the gunwale. It was a bit of a pain bending the plank against the grain but patience, brass pins and rubber bands seem to have done the trick. I decided to leave the pins in; just painted the tops red as additional de
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