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  1. 20200928 Made progress over the weekend. The first picture shows where I was Saturday morning, the next where I was that afternoon and the third where I was by Sunday evening (all pins removed; pin holes and gaps filled; sanding started). Along the way, as breaks in planking the hull, I planked the forward, aft and side platforms and started on the decking above the cabin. As I continue to sand the hull to get it the surface where it needs to be, I will continue planking the decks. Once the deck planking is completed there is some ‘interior’ planking (inside of forward an
  2. 20200925 Have gotten the side of the hull planked; will start on the bottom tomorrow. In between planking the hull I’ve finished the cannons, mounted all but 2 small rear quarter decals onto their thin wood backings, finished the forward hatch cover ‘hut’, and started the deck planking. My plan is to finish the hull and deck planking tomorrow. I will then start glue on the rear cabin decals and start work on the bulwarks. Once I have the bulwarks completed & the cannon ports cutout, I’ll start on finish sanding the hull. Will report as work progresses.
  3. 20200920 Going slow with the hull planking. Have the first 4 on each side done; looks like I’m starting to enter the ‘interesting’ portion with planks curving in several directions. Should be fun. While waiting for planks to dry I’ve been working on other pieces so that they are ready to go. Have the cannon trucks painted and the barrels mounted. Also, have started putting the decals on the thin wooden backings so they will be ready to mount. Have been looking over the instructions, drawings and the model as she takes shape. Have decided that
  4. 20200917 Rudder installed. Used some filler to create a smooth transition between bulkheads 0 and 1 as a gluing surface for the planks. Have the first 2 planks on each side installed. Before I go any further I’m going to fix a floor for the area directly under the main and fore holds hatches.
  5. 20200915 Yesterday evening I finished the rudder. I decided not to stain or paint it but to leave it the natural wood color. To lash it to the sternpost, before gluing the rudder to the post, I drilled 5 x 0.8mm holes just off the edge of the post. After the glue dried I used a small sewing needle to pass the smallest diameter thread that came with the kit through each hole so that I ended up with 4 loops around the post. I pulled the thread tight and then glued the thread close to the post on both sides of the rudder letting a bit of glue fill-in each hole. I held the threads tau
  6. 20200914 Finished installing the bulkheads to the keel piece yesterday and began working on the rudder assembly. Part of this is sanding a notch in the end of the keel piece to accommodate the rudder post and a corresponding notch in the aftmost bulkhead (called bulkhead 0 [zero]). I didn’t go easy enough with the file and cracked bulkhead 0. Repair was non-eventful but I still have a bit more filing to do to get it where it needs to be (there’s a decorative piece that covers bulkhead 0 so I’m not concerned over the minor crack that exists after the repair). Ha
  7. 20200911 Yesterday went to visit the local hobby shop without any clear intention to purchase a new kit but if I saw one I just couldn’t pass up… Came away with the Amati Chinese Pirate Junk. POB so my first planking kit. Opened the box when I got home, perused the drawings and instructions, boxed everything back up for the evening and started doing some research. 1st impression was that Amati’s instructions, while clearly written, are a bit sparser than the ones that came with my first build (Corel Line’s Mayflower) and the drawings are also a bit sparser. Second impressio
  8. 9/7/2020 Didn’t need a week; finished the remaining rigging today. (I forgot it was a US holiday - Labor Day – which meant, for me, no need to go into the office.) Took my time, took a break in early afternoon and took a walk, all finished by early evening. It’s been fun & I’ve learned plenty. Now need to ponder a bit and think about what my next project will be.
  9. 9/6/2020 Shrouds and ratlines done; all fixed rigging done. This coming week I’ll work on the running rigging. Last sheet of plans; end of the project in sight. Had a minor scare earlier today. I attached the anchors to some cord and, using a clamp, had hung them up for the glue on the knots to dry. About an hour later I looked up where the anchors were hanging and one was missing. After searching the work table, floor area and even the waste paper basket (which is on the other side of the work table from where the anchors were) I had about given up and was planning a t
  10. 9/4/2020 Shrouds and ratlines coming along. Working the shrouds for the upper main & fore masts will be interesting. Taking my time.
  11. 8/31/2020 Late afternoon & calling it quits for the day. Foremast and mizzen corrected; all but a couple of lines of standing rigging complete (time to ‘tar’ some more line). Will start working on the shrouds and ratlines tomorrow.
  12. 8/31/2020 Late morning De-rigging of foremast completed successfully. Snapped foremast off at deck level and drilled a 1.5 mm hole in the base of mast & in the deck to accept a small dowel (pretty nice what a cocktail toothpick can be used for). Foremast remounted and aligned with main mast. De-rigging of mizzen mast also completed successfully. Mizzen realigned properly. Will continue re-rigging later today. Have to remember to be more like the tortoise and less like the hare. No need to have a deadline to finish. When it is done
  13. 8/31/2020 A couple of days ago I finished the yards and started hanging them and working on the standing rigging. After making a bit of a mess ‘tarring’ line with diluted paint I decided to try something a bit different – Sharpie permanent marker. Working like a charm – no paint specks around the workshop and doesn’t take any time to dry. Yesterday I continued with the standing rigging. Was cruising right along; at least I thought so. After a few hours work I took a really critical look at my work. To say I wasn’t really pleased is an understatement. Along the way I mana
  14. 8/29/2020 Have finished the masts, crow's nests and cross trees. Will be working on the yards tomorrow; hoping to finish shaping them and get them hung on the masts.
  15. 20200825 Started working on the main mast a couple of evenings ago. Sandpapered in the tapers, glued the pieces together and then started the lashings at the top. Let it stay that way for a day and then started looking at it – something just seemed a bit off. Then it hit me that the lashings needed to look like they had been tarred. I had some black enamel left from painting the flight deck of an aircraft carrier so I thinned a bit of that with some mineral spirits. Used a small paintbrush to put that on the lashings on the main topmast and the bowsprit (the thread supplied soaks it
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