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  1. 2nd milestone achieved. Hull and all decorations, deckhouses etc.... are done! Now - masts, yards and rigging !!!
  2. Hi! Thank you guys! Sab I use Varathane diamond wood finish water based. But honestly, I'm not completely satisfied with result on the decoration. On planks it is good but on veneer not so much. As for paint I have no idea, my wife gave me some white acrylic paint that she had... I don't like to paint wooden models (I'm not good at painting) MadDogMcQ I'm on disability at home, instead of going to work I do model ships.
  3. Hull is in progress. Frame assembled and sanded. The deck is done. Planking started. First 4 rows of beech wood in place.
  4. Hello folks. I'm starting today mu new model ship Le Pourquoi Pas? from Constructo. It is another unrealized child's dream. I had this model in good scale in plastic when I was a kid. And instead of doing it I just ruined it So now it is sort of revenge Will see what it will become.....
  5. Hi all. Here are some pics of my first model ship build and middle section. I finished this model in 2013 I think the scale is about 1:50
  6. I did the sails. Still hesitating about to put them or not...... What do you think???
  7. Bill. According to the kits manual it is supposed to be like this. But I was thinking to make openings not only on forecastle but all ship where are railings. I don't have mats to do this, that's why I left it as it is. to cut openings in railings is not for me I will ruin everything there )) in my opinion the scale is not right it says 1:53 but in reality I think it is about 1:80-100. I would trim all that parts completely and build a new railings on top.
  8. Hello. It is all started in 1990 when I got a magazine with paper model of Golden Hind in it. I never succeeded to build it then. Finally now I do it from wood, not paper.... This is my second model ship from wood I did the hull. Next is rigging. Flint
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