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  1. 'Love your 'brickwork' solution below the waterline ...  when I do my scratch build I intend to use your technique instead of buying actual copper, since it gets painted 'aged' green anyway.


  2. Almost done with decking. I’m going to prepare for painting the hull next before the deck rail. put the deck houses in place just to see what it looked like
  3. I’m still looking but I’m leaning toward am Spanish cutter or other warship. I’m thinking a little larger too. Perhaps 1/64
  4. With my next model I plan to purchase a few new tools, like a jigsaw and table saw. But I won’t be able to get Admiral buyin until I show I can finish one. Lol
  5. So only a final sanding then paint but I decided to do some decking first. I am not bending the boards well when it’s on the flat side I cut the top rail every few cm to work and will sand smooth
  6. Thanks a lot. I appreciate the feedback and resources. I finished the sanding to 600 and like it. I’m going to fix the bow where it broke and finalize the stern then paint. I will take your suggestions in consideration. I have a weathered green copper paint I’m considering for the bottom. The information for the lifeboats was immensely helpful. Thanks a lot
  7. So after first sanding. Gonna do one coat of filler then paint. Still lots of work before then though. Made a lot of mistakes making it harder and requires more sanding than I should do but I’m liking my first build.
  8. I started going into the office a few da,yes a week and I’ve been really busy but i story to do a little everyday. My first planking is going well. Not right but we’ll. I’ve learned so much. I’m going to finish this one and think about looks and try to do my best but I’ve given up on too much historical accuracy for this one. Just for fun. Here is where I’m at. And before anyone points it out I figured out I did it the hard way. Bottom first them top down is going to make meeting in the middle hard. Next time find the waterline first. Lol. going to use a dreamer and fit the bot
  9. I ordered wood on the 21 st and it was shipped two working days later. They did a good job of communication and it arrived today. Two weeks or less from door to door Is not a bad thing. The wood is very well packed with no damage, no frayed edges and clean cuts I’m very happy
  10. So I recently started modeling and am on my first build (see the build logs for me) and I've been trying to find wood. I've found plenty of places to get wood in raw form but as I'm new I do not have a shop full of power tools and neither can I spend the money right now to get them. So I wanted to buy wood in precut lengths for my build. I found Modelers Central (https://www.modelerscentral.com/) and found their wood to be very reasonably priced and they have tons of extras for model building like anchors, barrels and much more. This isn't a testimonial really as much as has anyone else us
  11. Wow. Thank you very much. I can’t do much about the scale of the plates but I’ll do my best to work with the color. Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated.
  12. I do understand and agree but this is my first build and I’m learning. I really appreciate your comment. Helps me think about how I should be thinking when building.
  13. So I’ve been very busy but I’ve almost finished the hull. I plan to paint it but I think the idea will come through.
  14. Thanks. Very interesting. I appreciate the feedback. I may look at something else now. Love it.
  15. It’s going slowly. I’m going to sand it smooth and stain it. I think it’s going to give me the look I’m after.
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