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  1. Today's information is that a Henry could still be purchased. Its a small beautyful steamboat. contact at exclusivemodels.com junction@exclusivemodels.nl But you have to be quick all the best
  2. Hallo, I could only work according to plan and not according to description because my English is very bad. Fortunately, there are translation programs. I took the measurements from the plan and got along well with them. The pictures also contributed a lot to understanding. I changed the ship's shaft because I wanted ball bearings at the front and rear and a shaft seal. I also replaced the plastic part of the rudder with one made of brass. Otherwise I built everything else according to the plan.
  3. Hallo ir3 I finished this kit on Saturday. It is a beautiful boat and I hope you enjoy building it. I glued a 0.5 mm layer of fiberglass over the turtle deck to get a perfect surface. The width of 168mm over the entire length of the boat is very important. I made seven brackets with exactly 168mm and in short measures to keep the boat in shap. Videos of the finished boat at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS78NbPtVi8IwUEwABYwmqA best regards, Gecko
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