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  1. If I under stand this study correctly, my plans of the Berlin, that seem to be a direct copy out of the sample, you researched here, are in the best case an educated guess, but complete fakes in the worst case. Well... The historian in my head says "dump the project, as it is not correct", the shipbuilder says "use it as practice.. Noone will notice or care" 🤔 Maybe I build this ship, which claims to be the Berlin, but isn't and build her as any ship I want her to be. Be it a pirate ship or the fictional flagship of the even more fictional saxonian navy 😅
  2. It's been a while, since I've posted an update. But the next step was quite a mental challenge for me. Not because of its difficulty, but because I was not sure, if the results were to be good enough. So, here are the finished templates for my Berlin! They were not as tricky as I feared 🤣 The next step is waiting for the wood to arrived. The bulkheads will be made from plywood. Planks of the hull, masts and yards are from walnut and the decks will be planked with Tanganjica wood. I didn't choose them for any specific reason other than that the decks should
  3. I followed the build of your La Nina with great joy. I'm really looking forward to this project. Be assured to find an interested follower in me.
  4. Hi guys, just a quick update: the templates for the bulkheads are cut out and glued on to backing paper. This way, I have an almost clean base (now on the backside), were I can draw the lines for the decks and outer walls AND see the lines from the templates at the same time. When the time (and wood) has come to proceed with the bulkheads, I will seperate both layers (AFTER drawing all lines 😁) and glue the backing paper to the plywood. At least, that's my plan... If it works, only my future self can tell.
  5. Hi guys, as promised, albeit a little late, here are a few of my reworked plans. Please forgive the neck gymnastics, that are required to look at the pictures... I turned them the right way, but they were inserted "unturned" The first shows the backbone. I had a longitudinal section of the Berlin, from which I took the height and placement for the decks and masts. The cut-out at the rear (half way between frame N and the keel) is reserved for the beam connecting the rudder to the inside stuff (terminus technicus unknown 🤔) In the top left cor
  6. Hi Radek, Thank you for your advice concerning the ratios. I finished the rework of the plans yesterday. The upscaling was not as difficult as I had imagined after I discovered,that this could even be done with Paint the results were a bit blurry, but I think I was successfull. (pictures will follow) I lean more towards working with wood or making a hybrid. The backbone and bulkheads will definitely be made from wood (3mm plywood) due to increased stability compared to card. The planking of hull and decks are yet to be decided. Maybe I'll try wood and if it does not wo
  7. Hi guys, Browsing through the internet, I found a further four plans of brandenburgian ships. Combined with the Golden Yacht, I could potentially build a whole sixth of the brandenburgian navy, which mustered 34 ships at its peak in 1684. I therefore had the keen idea, to build the five remaining ships and display them all together. The good thing is: all plans are drawn in 1/100th scale. The bad thing is: I maybe don't really trust the plans of the Yacht and the Berlin. If both of them were correct, both ships were of equal size, but the Yacht had one
  8. Hi guys, After finishing my brandenburgian Golden Yacht, I was quite sure, that my next build would be a spanish 22-gun frigate in 1/63rd scale. But as I have neither the tools nor the money for the wood, guns and so on, I kept on looking for my next build. A few days ago, I found the plans for a ship called "Fregatte Berlin" and decided, to give them a try. Concerning the ship's history: She was a dutch-built pinnace (and not a frigate^^) and part of the electorial brandenburgian fleet - just like the Yacht. She was built in 1674 and entered brandenburgian
  9. The last entry! Construction days 28 - 31 were spent installing the sails, flags, running and standing rig. I encountered no major or minor problems. But I noticed something: while on the start of day 29, the Yacht still looked like a construction site with all its threads hanging loose and no sails, this day brought a big change. After installing the main and topsail, she had turned into a ship. After adding both stay sails the next day, the transformation was complete. I close this diary with some pictures of my Golden Yacht in broad daylight.
  10. The thing is, that the Prince was captured after days of chase by several frigates (including HMS Endymion, which was the fastest frigate of the Royal Navy by that time), because one of her masts cracked a tiny bit under the pressure of all her sails.
  11. Concerning the sails, I ran into some problems. I don't have a sewing meching and even if I had one, I wouldn't know, how to use it properly. So I kept asking my friends and relatives, but either they were scared off by the small size or they were busy with other things. So I needed to come up with my own solution. My first idea was to just cut some cloth handkerchief to size, stabilize the edges with pva glue. This idea was discarded quickly as it would probably result in a pretty shabby look. I will tell you, how I made them. I cut the edges off a paper tissue, copied t
  12. A very good day, my friends. The following two posts will sum up my progress of the days 24 to 27 of me building the Golden Yacht. In this post, I will concentrate on building the rigging andsome decorations, whereas the next shows all wannabe-cloth related things. First, I wanted to install all the standing rig, but as I still had not yet built the deadeyes, I just installed a stay 😆 After that came the topsail yard, the main yard (name is just guessed) and the gaff (?). In german, I would describe them as Mars-Rah, Groß-Rah and Besanbaum (even t
  13. On to the days 20 to 23, which is the current state of work, As a start, I painted the rear of the cabin in its final colours: black for the windows with golden frames, decorations in gold and red. The heraldic shield received its white background, but I haven't found the courage to try the brandenburgian red eagle 🤪 The lantern was scavenged from my old Constructo Santa Maria (as are some parts of the rig). I carved some wannabe mermaid statues for the sides of the cabin and some kind-of fishes for the front 😆 the galleries recieved their third dimensions, but are still missi
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for all your likes and nice comments! responding to mtaylor: That's a nice idea, I'll think about it. on with the progress of the days 18 - 20: I did finish the rear of the ship including the roof of the cabin and some smaller things, so that I could start priming. For the roof, I just cut some 1,5 - 2mm strips of 0,5mm paper and glued them right to the bullwarks. The produce a nicer looking edge, I folded strips lengthways and glued them just along the corners. For priming, I used Ammo by Mig's One shot grey primer. It is to be used with
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