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  1. The last entry! Construction days 28 - 31 were spent installing the sails, flags, running and standing rig. I encountered no major or minor problems. But I noticed something: while on the start of day 29, the Yacht still looked like a construction site with all its threads hanging loose and no sails, this day brought a big change. After installing the main and topsail, she had turned into a ship. After adding both stay sails the next day, the transformation was complete. I close this diary with some pictures of my Golden Yacht in broad daylight.
  2. The thing is, that the Prince was captured after days of chase by several frigates (including HMS Endymion, which was the fastest frigate of the Royal Navy by that time), because one of her masts cracked a tiny bit under the pressure of all her sails.
  3. Concerning the sails, I ran into some problems. I don't have a sewing meching and even if I had one, I wouldn't know, how to use it properly. So I kept asking my friends and relatives, but either they were scared off by the small size or they were busy with other things. So I needed to come up with my own solution. My first idea was to just cut some cloth handkerchief to size, stabilize the edges with pva glue. This idea was discarded quickly as it would probably result in a pretty shabby look. I will tell you, how I made them. I cut the edges off a paper tissue, copied t
  4. A very good day, my friends. The following two posts will sum up my progress of the days 24 to 27 of me building the Golden Yacht. In this post, I will concentrate on building the rigging andsome decorations, whereas the next shows all wannabe-cloth related things. First, I wanted to install all the standing rig, but as I still had not yet built the deadeyes, I just installed a stay 😆 After that came the topsail yard, the main yard (name is just guessed) and the gaff (?). In german, I would describe them as Mars-Rah, Groß-Rah and Besanbaum (even t
  5. On to the days 20 to 23, which is the current state of work, As a start, I painted the rear of the cabin in its final colours: black for the windows with golden frames, decorations in gold and red. The heraldic shield received its white background, but I haven't found the courage to try the brandenburgian red eagle 🤪 The lantern was scavenged from my old Constructo Santa Maria (as are some parts of the rig). I carved some wannabe mermaid statues for the sides of the cabin and some kind-of fishes for the front 😆 the galleries recieved their third dimensions, but are still missi
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for all your likes and nice comments! responding to mtaylor: That's a nice idea, I'll think about it. on with the progress of the days 18 - 20: I did finish the rear of the ship including the roof of the cabin and some smaller things, so that I could start priming. For the roof, I just cut some 1,5 - 2mm strips of 0,5mm paper and glued them right to the bullwarks. The produce a nicer looking edge, I folded strips lengthways and glued them just along the corners. For priming, I used Ammo by Mig's One shot grey primer. It is to be used with
  7. Hi guys! On with the log of day 14 - 17. The planking of the hull was made the same way as on the stern: a bit too long, but cut to size, when the glue had set. Below the water line, I adjusted the front end of the plank according to the shape of the hull. After all planking was finished, I gave it a good sanding. This deleted all the steps between the planks and the ship looked less like a amateurishly clinker-planked boat. I had also put planks on the inside of the cabin's windows. This area was quite fragile up until this point, but more rigid after
  8. Hi guys! Louie, I am humbled by your kind words as I am in awe everytime I take a look at your impressive dromone. She is some kind of scale for me or when I get asked, what I do, when I say "I build a ship", I show them my pictures AND pictures of your dromone or Doris' Royal Caroline to give some hints, what is possible. Anyway, returning to days 9 to 13 As I was shying away from deck planking, I decided to putty the hull. I used white outdoor putty, that I had bought in a supermarket for less than 2€ (US $2,37). I tried to used as little as possible, so t
  9. Thanks for your advice, Chuck! I have already planned for the next ship (a spanish 22-gun frigate) to use wood for backbone and bullwarks. Cardboard is, as you say, way too flexible for this job. Concerning the deadeyes: atm I am almost done with the hull. Planking and colour is done, it only needs some touch-ups. The mast is installed and some parts of the rigging are already in place. The pictures that you've seen so far are almost a month old 😉
  10. Hi guys, here is the summed up progress of 5 to 8. I rebuilt the hull with thinner, but stronger cardboard and stiffened it with wood from rocket sticks. During this work, the backbone developed a twist in itself. I only realized it way later. I glued strips of paper along the bullwarks and backbone, to extent the area to glue – I don't know, if it really had an effect. It was this early, that I learned the true meaning of „scratch building“ - you look at some pictures and drafts and scratch your head asking yourself „How can I solve this or that problem“
  11. Good day my fellow modellers, I've built scale models since my early teens and also tried out some ships, but nothing more came of it. When I got a copy of the online PC-game "Naval Action" by Game-Labs, I realized, that a did want to try ship building for a second time. My dream ship was (and still is) the american-built topsail-schooner Prince de Neufchâtel from the war of 1812. I even found plans, but had to acknowledge, that building it just with passion, but without experience would lead to a terrible result. So I looked for some ship's plans to practice and found a few.
  12. I will! Up until now it was a learning on the go process. The next "big" thing is the production of the dead eyes. I already have an idea, how to do it, but time will show, if it works
  13. Thank you all for this warm welcome. The last days were a bit stressfull for me, but when I'm done with work today, I'll start the log and post a link here. I'm really looking forward to all this. 😊
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