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  1. I have decided that I would like a clear finish on my wood model and I’m thinking of using brush applied acrylics. I assume that a sanding sealer would be beneficial but apparently some will leave a whitish cast. Any recommendations here? For the finish coat I’m planning acrylic mat polyurethane.
  2. I have not even got the crimping tool out of the box but I am already going off the idea of using it. Having listened to several opinions and done more research it seems to that it works by thinning and thus permanently weakening the plank. With experience, care and several broken planks I suspect you could eventually build the experience to use it relatively effectively. On the other hand the electric plank bender apparently temporarily softens the lignum which regains it’s strength as it cools. Looking at YouTube videos this seems to be a more novice friendly approach. Question - a
  3. So almost ready for departure. Here are all my tools and supplies loaded into one of the trays. I have done my research. A plank bending tool is being supplied with the kit by Cornwall Model Boats. Have decided to try the dry plank bending method first. Makes more sense if it works. Note two packets of Bulldog clips. I even have a few LEGO blocks!
  4. As I noted in my new member self introduction, I am traveling to Europe in October for an extended stay and this project is to be built there on the dining room table over the winter. I plan to take as much of the necessary tools and supplies with me as possible. The kit has already arrived over there. I have started collecting all the supplies and have just completed building a portable work station that can double as a storage box. I now have identical wooden two trays that can be screwed together to form a 2” deep storage box to fit into a suitcase. One of these trays has a remo
  5. I'm a new member about to start on my first project. My home is Vancouver BC where I have a decent workshop with most of the usual power tools but I plan to build the model over the winter during an extended vacation in Europe with my wife's family. Its apartment accommodation over there so the dining room table will be my new workshop. I must break this gently to the Admiral - although there is a hospital nearby. I'm assembling small tools and supplies to take with me because I already have many of these at home and I know where to source others. My plan is the build two shallow work trays be
  6. I'm a first time model boat builder just getting started and still at the planning stage. Some questions about the scary bit - planking! - Firstly is there any good reason to attach the planks with nails? It seems to me that the stresses created by nailing will tend to warp the plank and prevent it flowing smoothly from stem to stern. - I'm stunned by the variety of methods available for bending planks; hot water soaking, curling iron heat, crimping tool etc. Which one is best for a beginner? I'm inclined to what I call the crimping tool. - I've decided that, as a novi
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