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  1. Small world! I went to Montgomery and live in Bennett’s valley now.
  2. Welcome to MSW Bob! Im over in Santa Rosa but used to live in Paradise. I have family in Rockland as well so I know that area well. Make sure to start a build log for your Grand Banks Dory, it’s a great first model! Bradley
  3. Hello everyone, Very quick update, after taking another look at my anchors something felt off, and I realized the wood stock was way to big. So while sitting here during a zoom meeting I spent some time filing them down and I think they look much better. I will add some more epoxy, and get them painted later today hopefully. I’m almost done with the capstans as well so hopefully I can get started on the windlass soon which should be a challenge that I’m looking forward to. Thanks! Bradley
  4. Hi George, I actually only rebuilt them because I had the intention of making as many pieces from scratch as I could. I had almost no experience with metal working before starting this build so every thing is a learning experience for me. The cast pieces that came with the kit are not bad, some of them are probably better than I could make but I’m making my own anyway. I hope this is my last kit build and I can move onto fully scratch building! Bradley
  5. I’m sorry to hear about your accident Tom, Back issues are nothing to screw around with so I really hope you get better! IMO I would build the POB version, just so you don’t have to say good buy to the hobby! I hope your back gets better soon! Bradley
  6. Hello everyone, I got the anchors done today, or at least mostly done. I just need to paint them and I should be ready to start on the capstan which should be an interesting challenge. There are two of them on this model so ill make them both at the same time, I have an idea of how I will make them but I’m worried about scale. Something seems off, as I go it has gotten more and more exaggerated. I measure everything several times before I cut any wood, so I know my cuts are right and when held individually on the forecastle they look fine, but when installed everything feels too bi
  7. This is a really good idea and something I wish I did on my own build. It should give you a much cleaner result! Bradley
  8. Hopefully this is a better picture of the anchor release, the detail is small enough to see when you lean in but from a few feet away you probably wont notice this detail at all. Which to me, looks best. Bradley
  9. Another small update, I finally got around to ordering some more needles for my air brush! So i got the cat heads, and the bell painted. The cat heads are painted the same color black as the rest of the hull and the inside is painted with a 90:10 mix of deck house cream and detail white, the deck house cream is from model expo and I do not recommend these paints, I had nothing but trouble trying to thin the paint, the detail white is a much better paint from createx colors. The bell was also painted black, this deck house cream color is going to end up being the color of most of t
  10. Very nice! Your knight heads look great, it looks to me like your getting close to starting planking. Bradley
  11. Your planking looks great! IMO coppering is your choice, and it is your model so do what ever you think looks best. Making models that looks realistic and is true to scale is the motivation behind most ship modelers like my self, but in the end this is a hobby and you spent money on the kit, so build it how you would like! If you do decide to put the copper plates on there, there are lots of resources available to you . I recently finished coppering the model I’m working on now with pretty nice results, after building a quick jig that made coppering easy. Nice work on the second la
  12. That sounds like a good plan, kind of wish I thought of that before, as it sounds like getting the alignment right would be easier. Thankfully the holes in the forecastle aren’t visible with the windlass in place. Bradley
  13. Ya, and it was really tough getting the right angle. The other side doesn’t look as good, I filled it wood filler and will try again tomorrow. Bradley
  14. Hello everyone, I got some more stuff done on the forecastle today, I think it looks pretty good! I got the hawse holes drilled, and put a blackened steel ring on the inside so hopefully once its painted it will look like the real thing. Here is a picture: The next thing I got done was the top part of the windlass, I couldn’t figure out the name so thats what I’m calling it. I made it out of 1 mm brass tubing, .4mm brass wire and the bell is the cast bell that came with the kit, it didn’t look too bad so I decided to use it. Getting the bell in the r
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