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  1. What an awesome model! I honestly would have believed you if you said this wasn’t your first model. Congrats on finishing this one! I’m looking forward to your next build. Bradley
  2. I wish... Work really picked up then a friend approached me about starting a new business so that’s what I have been doing... Knowing I wasn’t going to have time to work on any thing for the foreseeable future I had to pack everything up to keep it safe, while I enjoy my work I do wish I had more time to enjoy my hobby. One day I’ll get back to it and finish the flying fish. It’s packed away very nicely with all the parts and plans there with it so one day I can just jump right back in it. I still find time to visit the site almost daily but one day I’ll be back in full swing! Tha
  3. I’m sure We have all had days that start bad and end bad. Today I woke up with a headache and dog poop in the living room, great. I cleaned that up and stepped in cat throw up? Maybe the cat smelled the poop and threw up, I couldn’t believe it. After doing a full clean of the house to get the rid of the smell, I went to make breakfast, opened the door and the milk fell out spilling all over the floor, with our shedding a tear, I recleaned the kitchen. At this point it wasn’t even 7:00 yet. My wife and daughter were awake by now, likely from my cursing, I had two work meetings in the
  4. My first and second shot left my arm pretty sore, the first more so. A couple of days after my second shot how ever I was more sick than I ever have been. Every one of my joints was on fire, and my back hurt more than ever. I would get so hot I would have to strip naked just to feel so cold that I would sit by the fire and it never dropped below 70 that day. I was shaking all day with a fever of 100 for a few hours, I called the doctor and they recommended I “sleep it off”. I was told I couldnt take any medication for it either, which I later read was also incorrect. That’s the VA talking thou
  5. That looks really great George! The green really shows the research you did for this build. I had a lot of trouble with this part so it’s good to see you breeze through it! Bradley
  6. Wow this looks great! I was up and down about painting mine at all until it was a little late. It’s good to see you painting as you go for a much cleaner result! Bradley
  7. Hi bbb555, I built two of these models last year for a gift and enjoyed the build. If you have any questions at all you can start a build log for the entire build or you can message me directly. I’m happy to answer any and all questions, I took a lot of pictures I didn’t post as well so those maybe helpful for you. Bradley
  8. I got my second shot yesterday, my arm is pretty sore this morning but other wise I feel fine. The first one left my arm so sore I had to wear a sling for a days so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again. Bradley
  9. That’s some pretty fine detail for such a small model. It’s a very cool family heirloom that I’m sure you will pass on to your kids. Thanks for sharing! Bradley
  10. I vote hold onto the wood, if you still have it, for one reason only, spalted wood. If you do any other wood working and want a really incredible piece of wood spalted maple looks really cool. It’s basically a fungus that grows within trees and leave really a nice pattern throughout the wood. If you don’t do other wood working I guarantee other wood workers would buy it from you. Keep the maple in a plastic bag until it reaches a high humidity and moisture content, leave it in the bag for a while maybe a few months, check it periodically. Here what it will look like once spalted:
  11. If you still have them and need to flatten them I would wait for summer. What I do is soak them with water so they are completely soaked through. Then cover them with something super heavy but something that puts pressure across the entire surface evenly. Bricks work well for me. Cover them with plastic wrap but leave some vents for moisture then leave them out side in the sun for a week or two. They should be flat enough to cut afterwards. Bradley
  12. I got a huge haul of exotic and domestic hardwoods today. I recently found out Rockler has brick and mortar stores and I happened to be 5 minutes from one while on vacation. I stopped by and couldn’t believe what I saw... that store is every wood workers dream!! Besides the stuff I bought, my wife’s grandfather gave me some wood he had collected for his entire life, specifically a piece of Ceylon Ebony. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he showed me, it looks like black resin, it’s literally an exhibition quality piece, the grain is so tight it doesn’t look like there is one at all. It’s a small
  13. If you want to make something round, nothing beats a lathe, Ive heard good things about the Proxxon mini lathes. It sounds like the perfect machine for tapering masts and spars, if you want to make the work go much faster, use a small roughing gouge to slowly remove material then 150 grit paper to smooth it all out. I do a lot of turning and would never go back to making things round by hand or by drill. Nice work so far on your build, your attention to detail is unreal! What kind of camera do you use? Sorry if that’s been asked before. Also, if your lathe came with a tail stock I hi
  14. You probably got most of it, the seeds are so small and blackberry is relentless. A couple years ago I finally won the war between me and the black berry in my back yard. If you see any sprouts cut them and immediately spray with a weed killer then dispose of the sprout don’t let it even touch the ground lol. Eventually you will get them all! Bradley
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