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  1. Hi John, I will be following your build with interest. I am also a newbie to the site, so I will be starting my build log at some point. I will be doing the Triton Section. Good info from yourself and other member of this very knowledgeable group. Lynn
  2. Great, thanks for the info Allan. I am still finding my way around the site! I will definitely have a look. I will also start my build log for the Victory asap - followed by the Triton (hopefully soon!) Lynn
  3. Many thanks for the info. I have a Dremel, so I think I will invest in some saws for it. I may also make a jig which will hold the Dremel like a table saw! I got additional saw blades for the Proxxon from Axminster Tools, they have a reasonable range. I look forward to more logs from you. Lynn
  4. Hi Tony, I think you mentioned somewhere in your log that you have a 0.3mm blade for your Proxxon table saw. Can I ask where you got it from? cheers, Lynn
  5. Same here! Due to COVID-19, we haven’t been able to shoot since March. However, in the next couple of weeks I am hoping the club reopens. Lynn
  6. Hi Genny, welcome - from another newbie! I only joined a few days ago. I am also from ‘up north’, Gateshead to be precise. Perhaps in a few years time, if we both stick at this, we will organise a Northern Club!!! I hope you do a build log, I will be doing so. It will be fun to see how we are both doing! cheers, Lynn
  7. Many thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the kind comments on my bows and arrows. I forgot to mention that I also have Sitka Spruce which I know is used for yacht masts, so I presume will be ok for models. cheers, Lynn
  8. Hi Allan, Thanks for the welcome and the info on the wood. Perhaps I will use the oak and ash for the ship stands!! Cheers, Lynn
  9. Hi everyone. I am new to this site and new to model making. I recently retired as a Bowyer and Fletcher, so I was looking for a new hobby to do in my workshop. I bought a kit from eBay and started with the Constructo HMS Victory. I have only been working on it for a few weeks, but I am absolutely hooked. I have woodworking skills but no experience of metal working, so I will be scouring this site for hints and tips. I saw Phillip Reed on YouTube and was stunned by the work he was doing. So .... I will continue with the Victory, but I will also be starting on the Triton Section. I will pu
  10. Hi Tony, I just wanted to say that the models you have produced are excellent. I am very impressed with your thought processes and problem solving. I have only just joined this group and am awaiting my plans for the Triton section, which I am really looking forward to starting. Cheers, Lynn
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