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  1. Wow, you're very knowledgeable Welfack. One of the oddest things that I remember about the DS range was the single-spoke steering wheel. I've actually owned a couple of new Citroens myself (the more modern BX with hydropneumatic suspension and the C5 with hydractive suspension). My kids loved messing with the suspension height πŸ™‚ That C5 was one of the most advanced cars of its time and still to this day, I still refer to its features as a measure of how things should be done.
  2. I posted pix of this model on Facebook and got over 500 likes in one day!!! It's now over 600. Beggars belief!!
  3. Today I received an EBBRO CITROEN DS21, 1/24th scale. Although I won't be starting it for a while, I just had to open the box and have a nosey. The clear plastic is fantastically clear! I bought this just because I love this car and have very fond memories of them from my 1960's youth. My uncle had one and I seem to recall that the floor in the back was somehow suspended and soft underfoot. Mind, you, it could just have been a rotting floor pan πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Ebbro do the DS19 model too but I couldn't find anyone who had one in stock.
  4. I started forming these bench-frames using a small vice and that's where I ended up making a mistake with the angles. Let me give you a bit of advice - forget the vice - just use a pair of long-nose pliers. It's massively quicker and easier! MAKE ONE PERFECT BENCH FRAME and then use it as your guide for the other 21 frames. Cut the aluminium rod pieces (110mm long) and then using your "perfect" frame as a template, form the others with the pliers. It's quick and easy! I then painted the wooden seat part in Light Blue and later coated th
  5. PLANKING & STUFF Day-4 Today I spent a little time on the Vaporetto inbetween other things. I thought I'd get some planking done, but only managed 2 planks per side πŸ˜‚ I then decided to do something easier and started to cut 74 pieces of aluminium rod to make up the seats. I thought it was going to be repetitive but simple, but it turns out it was me that's simple πŸ˜‚ because during the mock-up of the first bench seat, I put a fold forward instead of backwards, lol. Good job I didn't make a big batch of them πŸ™„
  6. Really got into the spirit now Yves πŸ˜„ ..... Can't do any work tonight - I've reacted badly to the SuperGlue that I used on something else last night. Feel full of a cold. I remember this happening when I was building the St Roch. Oh well, there's always tomorrow πŸ™‚
  7. James H : How did the bare bones go together? No probs? No problems Jim. I did however, manage to break the tip of a bulkhead just by allowing the boat to roll over on the desk! Now the deck is in place, it all feels much stronger. This morning I removed the baked beans πŸ˜‚ and applied a bead of glue to all the joints - almost like a weld - to give some extra rigidity (although I know most people would say I didn't need to). Last night while laying the deck, I struggled to apply glue properly using the applicator on the Titebond bottle, so this morning I stole o
  8. THE KEEL Day-3 Tonight I unclamped the dry-test-fit and glued on the Part-3's to the main keel and then inserted the small keel part inbetween. After carefully checking alignment (with the propshaft tube in-situ), I clamped them to let the glue dry. Next it's time to fit Parts-17 which (I believe) reinforce the section where the rudder shaft goes... After that, I placed a straight-edge across the top of the hull and noticed that there were some gaps 😲 but after referring to the big drawing, I could see that
  9. Hi all, I've just started a Panart Vaporetto and have noticed in other folk's builds that the seats inside the boat look incredibly grainy once they're painted and I would like to avoid the same finish. Is there some sort of "stopper" I could use to flatten or infill that grain prior to painting? I'm not trying to go over the top (I was going to say overboard but maybe that's a censored word around here πŸ˜‚), but considering that these bench-seats will be so easy to work on, I thought it might be worth paying them more attention.
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