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  1. Spent more time applying coats of paint, sanding in between. When this one dries, I'll sand and paint ONE more time and then it is what it is. I can find imperfections all day long, but hey-ho. James H advised me to look at PlastiKote paint but I couldn't find anyone locally who stocks it so I went for one from Rust-oleum which was incredibly expensive!! £15 per can from B&Q (I had to buy two) 😲
  2. Well, I sanded, filled, sanded, filled and sanded some more until I got the hull pretty smooth but nowhere near as smooth as my ST ROCH hull for some reason. It's reached a point where I feel hesitant to sand much more for fear of going through the hull. I can (by tapping) detect thinner areas of the hull, so I'm stopping here. I applied some coats of undercoat and very lightly sanded those before applying a base coat of colour (Hull Red). Rather stupidly I used my Iwata Airbrush which only has a fine needle in it, so it was like painting the Titanic with a 1" brush!! The subsequent coats will be painted with my Aztec airbrush which has a range of nozzles including some which are more appropriate for the size of this project. I haven't decided on a final colour for the lower hull, but it will obviously need to be a brighter red, with a black band at the top. Stay safe, Tom.
  3. Please excuse my absence - there are two reasons - the first one is I HATE PLANKING and the second one is I have been spending a lot of time with my other hobbies - Amateur Radio, Photography, FlightSims and Painting (not to mention being busy at work). So - the planking - oh dear, I don't think I will ever build a ship where my planking will be visible 😂 I'm just useless at it! Mind you, I do believe I've learned a little from my mistakes on this build. Anyway, the hull is planked and I spent today sat outside filling and sanding, filling and sanding. Because it will be a painted hull, I know from experience that every blemish will show through, so I'm being as careful as I can. I didn't take any photos of my planking progress because I have nothing to offer any builders. Before applying the first coat of paint to the hull, I intend to apply some Stopper. I did this on the St Roch and it worked out well. Hope you're all keeping well. Regards, Tom.
  4. I think you must be talking about the 3M 2097 type but I cannot find any available in the UK 😞
  5. Hey everyone, just a quick note to say that I've not fell off the edge of the world - I've just had some quite serious and draining personal stuff going on, which has meant that I've had not time for much modelling. I hope to make some progress this weekend, but without the advantage of using Superglue because it really does cause massive irritation to my sinuses 😝 Hope you're all keeping well. Tom.
  6. With all the positive comments and encouragement that I received, I was thinking that it might be worth doing another one of these at some point in the future and use the knowledge of the model to do something much more detailed (and not make as many cock-ups, LOL). I've now got a lot more in terms of resource-materials and have seen other people's builds. Can't wait to see Landlubber Mike start his - I just KNOW it's going to be amazing!
  7. Sorry I've not come back soon Mike - been busy with other hobbies. You've done an absolutely fabulous job of those two and at first, I thought I preferred the red cowl model, but then as I kept scrolling, I switched to the blue. And then I looked at them both again and couldn't decide - they're just both fantastic. Well done!
  8. Wow, you're very knowledgeable Welfack. One of the oddest things that I remember about the DS range was the single-spoke steering wheel. I've actually owned a couple of new Citroens myself (the more modern BX with hydropneumatic suspension and the C5 with hydractive suspension). My kids loved messing with the suspension height 🙂 That C5 was one of the most advanced cars of its time and still to this day, I still refer to its features as a measure of how things should be done.
  9. I posted pix of this model on Facebook and got over 500 likes in one day!!! It's now over 600. Beggars belief!!
  10. Today I received an EBBRO CITROEN DS21, 1/24th scale. Although I won't be starting it for a while, I just had to open the box and have a nosey. The clear plastic is fantastically clear! I bought this just because I love this car and have very fond memories of them from my 1960's youth. My uncle had one and I seem to recall that the floor in the back was somehow suspended and soft underfoot. Mind, you, it could just have been a rotting floor pan 🤣😂🤣 Ebbro do the DS19 model too but I couldn't find anyone who had one in stock.
  11. I started forming these bench-frames using a small vice and that's where I ended up making a mistake with the angles. Let me give you a bit of advice - forget the vice - just use a pair of long-nose pliers. It's massively quicker and easier! MAKE ONE PERFECT BENCH FRAME and then use it as your guide for the other 21 frames. Cut the aluminium rod pieces (110mm long) and then using your "perfect" frame as a template, form the others with the pliers. It's quick and easy! I then painted the wooden seat part in Light Blue and later coated them in Tamiya Flat Clear. I'll see how they look when they dry and may add more coats. After that, I decided to cover the inside of the hull with "Hull Red" just so it doesn't have an unfinished appearance when you remove the cabin for accessing the RC parts. Having already painted the seats, I knew that my tiny Tamiya paint pots wouldn't go very far at all when it came to painting the bulkheads so I made up my own Hull Red (roughly) with some acrylic paint tubes. I used Cadmuim Red and Burnt Umber. When the planking is done, it'll be relatively easy to finish off the inner painting.
  12. PLANKING & STUFF Day-4 Today I spent a little time on the Vaporetto inbetween other things. I thought I'd get some planking done, but only managed 2 planks per side 😂 I then decided to do something easier and started to cut 74 pieces of aluminium rod to make up the seats. I thought it was going to be repetitive but simple, but it turns out it was me that's simple 😂 because during the mock-up of the first bench seat, I put a fold forward instead of backwards, lol. Good job I didn't make a big batch of them 🙄 I wish this thing had the sort of instructions that James H does!
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