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  1. Hi All As mentioned in my introduction, scratch building Dannebrog, is my next project. Dannebrog is, in fact, a military ship, and counted in The Royal Danish Navy. It is also Her Majesty's ship. It was launched on Oct. 10th 1931, and still in operation. I have access to a very limited drawings and photos, so I have to make my own drawings. A larger job, with measuring from the available drawings. The ship will be build in scale 1:75, so the finished model will be 104 cm in length. So far, the keel and all the bulkward is drawed - see examp
  2. Hello Modelshipworld. As a new member to this forum, I would like to introduce myself. Coming from Denmark, northern part of Jutland. I'm 65 years old,and I'm now retired from my work as an IT-Architecht in a major Danish Company, now owned by Japanese NEC. In fact, I've been building most of my life, mostly shipmodels. However, when kids were young, the building was on stand by. Now in my retirement, I've started again. So far I've been building - Danish Naval Training Ship "Danmark" - Titanic - An old danish warship "J
  3. Hi are you still able to do a scan of the drawing in PDF format? Regards Per Rise <Email Addy removed by moderator to prevent you getting spammed!!!>
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