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  1. I like it, the instructions are clear, easy to follow, and on one page, so I won't lose any, and I can see them all at once, although I doubt that is true for models that aren't first step. It seems like a solid kit to me, although I have limited knowledge. I also added some more, and there is now a layer of paint I will probably touch up in the future, I'm still letting it dry a bit.
  2. This is my build log for the Amati First Step Pirate Ship. This is technically my first model boat, and I'm putting this here just to see how it goes. I started on this awhile back, and am starting to work on this again. I have 4 pictures right now, all of them show my sloppyness.
  3. Thank you. Edit(s) Here and under: I saw your edit, I'll start looking through logs to see if I can find more https://modelshipworld.com/topic/23304-adventure-pirate-ship-by-gremreeper1967-amati-160 is one I don't think you found. I found that in 1501-1750, It seems like any... although I want to be sure. I don't really want the mods to have to move it on my first build log.
  4. Hi, I am trying to get into model boat building, and I have the Amati Fiest Step Pirate Ship model I am building, and I want to make a build log mainly tto keep track of my progress, and I am wondering where that should go, as the build log area is categorized by year, and the model I have is not of a real boat. Thanks in advance.
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