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  1. Dear all, thanks for the likes and for the very generous comments to @ccoyle, @mtaylor, @Old Collingwood, @Canute, @Egilman, @Edwardkenway, @lmagna which made me blush 🙂. I understood that some of you would not dislike if I will show again my WIP posts when I will start another model. I will be very pleased to do so, but I might have a question to our administrators. Before this build, I was used to publish my WIP posts on an another forum dedicated to aircraft modelling. Would it be acceptable if I have WIP posts on two sites (this and the aircraft one) at the same time on the same subje
  2. Hawker Sea Fury FB 11 Koninklijke Marine - 1953 Airfix 1:48 Dear all, this is the final istalment of my Sea Fury build. I enjoyed very much this model from Airfix which reproduces quite well the lines of this powerful and handsome aircraft. The fit of the parts is very good and well engineered. Decals are also of very good quality. On the downside, the surface details are a bit heavy and few details are missing, but these negative point are dwarfed, in my opinion, by the positive ones. On a scale of 1 to 5, overall, I would rate between 4 and 4.5. For my
  3. Dear all, this is probably my second last instalment before the end. All the decals are now placed, with the exception of few stencils which I omitted because I was too bored to deal with them. These Airfix decals are of a very good quality, with a minimum carrier film, saturated colors and very well printed. Although a tad thick, they went on beautifully and reacted well to Micro Scale softners. The decals have a gloss finish, hence I will spray a last coat of clear to make their shine uniform with the rest of the airframe. I will use the usual Tamiy
  4. Dear all, a small update with other small pieces that went into place. I rebuilt the oleo jacks of the wheel bay doors using a small 1 mm dia. brass tube and a metal wire: With the doors glued on and some black streaks added to the closed flaps: Finally, the gun muzzles were inserted, here you see in the picture how I slided them in with my big clumsy fingers and the help of a thin copper wire: Ready for firing (but still needing some dark color): Now is the turn of the arresto
  5. Hi all, thanks to few days off work and to the covid restrictions, I went on with my build and sprayed a light coat of Tamiya X-22 gloss clear on the entire model. Finally I reopened the wheel bays after long time. You can also see few oil streaks that I have added to add some 'real life' effects. At the same time, I also finished the landing gear with its wheels: The landing gear was then glued into its place. I must say that Airfix did a nice job in reproducing these items and the overall impression is quite convincing.
  6. Hey, Chris, you made me smile with the "convey the idea" mission!! 😄 Thanks for your nice line. Cheers, DAn.
  7. Dear all, profiting of few days off for Easter break, I went on with the small bits, i.e. landing gear, wheels, doors, etc. The Sea Fury was equipped with seemingly complicated landing grear legs, probably dictated by the heavy loads they experienced in the naval usage. At this relatively small scale, not all the details can be added and again, like I did for the other parts of this build, I tried to replicate something that conveyed the idea of this complicated gear, rather than attempting an exact replica. Once liberated from some moulding marks (not many to be honest) you have a fair
  8. Dear all, today I finished the camouflage. The paint that I used, Gunze Mr. Color 333, was great in rendering the Extra Dark Sea Grey. Not knowing how transparent the decals would be, to be on the safe side, I left two white circles on the spots where the roundels will be placed. I also glued in place the surfaces of the empennages slightly posed: Now, everything is ready for a coat of clear. Best regards, Dan.
  9. Dear all, I went on with gluing the windscreen piece in place and painting the metallic exhausts shrouds, but I did not take pictures of these steps. Then I started to mask the fuselage to prepare it for the application of the Extra Dark Sea Grey color. For the EDSG I chosed the Gunze 333 which is specific for this color without the need of concocting any mixture. This is the first time I use these Gunze paints and I was positively impressed by their quality. After removing the masking tape I got this: To easy the masking, I s
  10. Hi all, a small update on my Sea Fury build. After several additional coats of color, I stop here and declare it finished. The photos of the actual plane show a quite uniform finish, but I would like to leave some variation be visible to justify all the work done with the pre-shading. The theory of the complementary colors worked partially, but next time I will get back to traditional dark gray preshading. This is how the underside looks now: I completed also the orange color on the cowling together with the propeller: The cle
  11. Thanks for posting your videos! It happens that I am exactly at the same stage with my build of the Mayflower (I am gluing the first wales) so your last video is extremely useful to me. Let me also prise your skills and great workmanship which make your post a pleasure to follow. Kind regards, Dan.
  12. Hi all, just some intermediate results on my build. I apologise for my extremely slow pace, many things keep me away from the workbench. At any rate, I started to lay down some layers of Sky paint made of a mix of Tamiya XF-21 (4/5) with white XF-2 (1/5). First steps: Clearly, the look is too worn out and I continued with the above mix: Being this plane a display plane, I would like to proceed further to smooth out the preshading work and in a sense vanifying it, but at least I have shown how I like to give in gen
  13. I am not much in car modelling, but your build turned out so nice and realistic! Well done, Regards, Dan
  14. What I see is that you are putting all the strakes so far perfectly parallel and with no tapering. I think you should have started to taper from the second one. There are good tutorials on this site showing that (see the first pinned post by @Chuck). Good luck, Dan.
  15. Dear all, I am back at the workbench with my Hawker Seafury. In the last post, I finished applying the primer to the model. In preparation of the Navy livery, I wanted to give some pre-shadow texture to the surfaces that will be painted with Sky color. At the same time, having selected a display airplane, the effect should be rather subtile. I decided to go with a red brown which has a value lower than black and, being kind of complementary to the greenish Sky color, should result in a shadowy effect, in theory. Let's see what it will be in practice. After the pre-shadowing, I added also
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