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  1. After some weeks, finally finished half of the story. Now coming next, the masts and rigging.
  2. Well, time to post my recent work. I really don’t like the metal water pump, even knowing i need to paint the little thing with brown color.. I will do it myself with wood.. something more natural will look good 👍🏻
  3. First knot ever made A simple one to start, took me more than 20 minutes to figure out that more knots would be needed before “closing” with the metallic peace. Anyway, very happy and proud. the second one was way easier 😅
  4. Hello, I’ve made the two frontal pieces from scratch because i sanded to much.. Anyways, they are not glued yet, still drying.. I like the result. Balsa is amazing to work with..
  5. Step 26 ✅ Made some mistakes before and now the bow is a bit different. But it’s fine, my second project will be better 🤞🏻 (Masts only for the photo) 😅
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