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  1. To stuglo: I got this device from a friend, but the equipment was made to order by another company. So I have no way of getting another one. I´m sorry. Installation of guns. It remains to complete the side nd train tackles.
  2. I installed the anchor ropes before the front of the deck will be covered.
  3. Glenn, thanks for your warm comment. The charcoal stoves are done.They are made of etched parts, so their assembly was not so difficult. Making tripods was much more complicated and demanding. But I am satisfied with the result.
  4. Baker´s oven. Two more charcoal stoves remains to be made. It will be quite a challenge at this scale.
  5. Druxey, you're right. But no one would say how much time these details will take. I continue with the roof of the galley. Due to the small space, I simplified the attachment of the roof a bit (this detail will not be very visible in the final).
  6. Thank you guys for all nice comments and likes. A few details added to the galley.
  7. To Jorge Diaz O - I used the colored linseed oil with wax. To allanyed - For me, saving time won over saving money . Galley.
  8. Completing the blocks, "special" blocks will be made later.
  9. I started making blocks. Unlike Pandora, where the blocks were made using home-made milling bits, the blocks are now completely made using a CNC milling machine. The remaining photos will be in a few days.
  10. Just a few details today - staghorns, ringbolts, breeching ropes.
  11. Completion of gun-carriages, now all that remains is to attach the cannon barrel.
  12. To Dowmer - all cannons are made by hands (it means with no CNC feature or replicator) Preparation of parts for the production of gun-carriages.
  13. Making of guns, it remains to complete the rear of the guns.
  14. To claybaker and garyshipwright - These milling cutters are manufactured by a number of manufacturers in the world, so it does not matter which manufacturer you choose. There are several of these manufacturers on aliexpress. I myself chose the "Chinese variant" because it is significantly cheaper and will do the same service as more expensive milling cutters. Installation of quarterdeck deck beams.
  15. To G. Delacroix - thanks for the info, I made the new one items with no wedges To garyshipwright - I am using "10 Degree 0.1mm Tip Carbide CNC Bits Flat Bottom Milling Cutter V Shape" (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/852725456.html) for most of CNC 3D carvings. Question about tutorial - I am so sorry, making a video tutorial would be too time consuming and my knowledge of English is minimal. I continue with the assembly of the capstans.
  16. Thank you guys for all likes and comments. I understand that for some people, the use of CNC machines is a somewhat controversial topic. On the other hand, I remember how I started modeling about 40 years ago with a hand saw and a set of files. Today, no one dares to use various electrical devices that make it easier for us modelers to work. From this point of view, the CNC machine is just another evolutionary step. To garyshipwright: I am using VCarve Desktop. I am starting work on main capstan parts - some pictures from production.
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