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  1. Thank you guys for all comments and likes. To No Idea: tilting base is specially designed and "home made" for existing Proxxon vice. To dvm27: I have visited Sherline web - this maschine is fantastic, I´ve never seen anything like it before. After about one week all ropes are finished, cca 190 ropes in 14 thickness. Lenght of one ropes is approximately 180 cm.
  2. The spare anchor is in place, I did all the other anchors during one work. Now I take a break "from the wood" and start making the ropes.
  3. The remaining deck beams have been added, a spare anchor remains to be added and the interior of the hold will be complete.
  4. Hi Derek, thanks for reply. Information at the beginning of the log I meant that there is no fixed orlop deck. At first I thought I wouldn't install this removable orlop deck at all, but later I changed my decision. I added the barrels to the water hold and covered the whole with the remaining deck beams.
  5. Thank you James H😉. Next part was the orlop deck beams installation.
  6. Thank you guys, especially praise from admin pleases 😉. Preparation of riding bitts.
  7. Thank you Johann😉. Making of "wedges" for main mast mounting.
  8. Thank you guys for the nice comments and all likes😉. I continue with a pump well.
  9. Thank you guys for all your likes😉. To hdrinker: CNC milling maschine was used mainly for cutting of frames. But the beveling had to be done manually. Beveling of hawse timbers was somewhat more complicated. Aft, all the bulkheads are now completed.
  10. Thank you guys, little progress. Now I am ready to start the wotk inside the hull.
  11. Hi druxey, all woods will darken after waxing, but there will still be a visible color difference between white, black and brown wood. Deck beams are completed, it remains only the last aft one and the deck level breast hook.
  12. Thank you Johann, I have to say that you have no reason to learn from me becouse your work on La Créole is fantastic. I use "white" hornbeam and the "black" hornbeam for the bolts. Black wood simulates iron bolts and white wood the treenails.
  13. Thanks Johann😊. Planking is finally done. Now I am going to glue about 6500 pcs of "bolts".
  14. To Michel Bérnard: the yellow band is standard masking tape (Revell or Tamiya) - see the picture. Next ten strakes is done, it remains last 10 strakes.
  15. First five strakes are in place, now only the remaining twenty.
  16. Installation of wales which are made from "black" hornbeam.
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