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  1. Starboard upper part planking is finished now. I am getting tired of planking, and the lower part is still pending!!! I will start that final part on Sunday. In general I am satisfied with the result. The only thing I don’t like is some gun port’s position. Some pics now. Best regards.
  2. Nicolas I cannot tell you what kind of wood it is. It is a leftover from either the Artesanía Latina’s Swift or Scottish Maid. It is very thin compared with the one provided for the Victory. Best regards!!!
  3. Nicolas, regarding the position of the gun ports, I started by marking them on the gun holders (piece 31) and drilling the holes. Then I transferred the position of those holes To the first planking while doing it. So you get a “correct” positioning marking of all of them when you finish the planking. Please see post # 4,5,8 and 12 on my build blog. My suggestion is to drill a small hole on the first gun port of each row and from there start positioning the whole line. Do not do it in those that go directly in a frame. Keep up the good work!!!
  4. Nicolas it is great you started your build log!!! It will help you to plan and show your progress. You almost finished the first planking, which in my opinion is the hardest thing to achieve for someone starting in the hobby. Keep up the good work!!!
  5. Port side second planking finished!!! A lot of fun work in the past few days and finally the port side second planking is finished. There are a lot of mistakes, but some make up will cover most of them. I am not satisfied with the position of some of the gun ports, and the shape of the lower stern; but overall I think it looks good. I need a rest from planking, so I may do something different before committing with the starboard side. Pics here. Best regards,
  6. I have decided to keep the natural wood, so no painting will be done. In order to produce the 3 color stripes of the hull sides, I will use a different wood, alternating it with the walnut provided. The lines will not be horizontal as in the real thing, but that will allow me to keep the natural wood finish and will give an idea of the design. Here are the pics. Best regards!!!
  7. Nice to see you back. Your planking is excellent! Great job!!! I am also working on the second planking. Best regards.
  8. Thank you very much WalrusGuy !!! Your support encourages me to keep the effort! Because of my job, I used to travel a lot. Now I have 8 months doing home office. Modeling has been one of the things preventing me from throwing my wife and 3 daughters through the window!!! Or throwing myself !!! I also like philately. I collect Mexican stamps. But at this time modeling has been a better option. And who knows how long this will take. So I need to keep working on the Victory. Thanks again and best regards!
  9. Planking on the port side from the lower wale to the keel is finished!!! I am tired of planking. I think I will do something different before continuing with the starboard side. I think that a nice sanding and a good varnish coat will enhance the look. Not decided if I will paint it or not. That decision will come later. Best regards,
  10. Karleop: Thank you very much for your kind words. I am just a beginner, but I am learning a lot and enjoying the build. It is amazing to see the craftsmanship that you and many other member have. I loved your last build’s pics! Planking on the port side continues. I think it is looking good. Best regards, Eugenio.
  11. Nicolas, this is how I bend the planks. First I soak them for about 30 minutes. Then, while heating with the hair dryer, I slowly bend the planks using this simple arrange of nails in a wood pice with the bow and stern curvatures. This are 5 mm x 2 mm Walnut planks. Best regards,
  12. More planks added today. I am liking how it looks. Not perfect, but I think that after a good varnish coat it will look nice !
  13. Second planking started!!! I started the second planking with the lower wales as the instructions indicate. No problem bending the 2 mm. walnut stripes soaking them and heating with the hair dryer. Best regards.
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