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  1. I have installed the starboard mizzen channel. A tricky job but, thanks to Pythagoras, I could installed the supports on the first try and it feels really solid in place. Now I can tell my oldest daughter that you do use math in real life! The vertical strakes were also set. Now I have several pieces ready for varnishing. Here are the picks! Best regards.
  2. Hi my friends!!! Today I finished installing the side ladders. I just need to apply varnish. A few things more and I will be ready for installing the channels and start with the mast and rigging. Here is the pick! Best regards.
  3. Nice job Robert! Have you glued them poop deck? If not, please do not forget to remove the deck beam there. It helps as support, but the height of that area (between the two decks) will be not correct if you keep it. Check the attached pick of my Victory. I didn’t remove it and it is not correct. Best regards.
  4. Valeriy thank you very much for the information! Nice postcard with those Japanese post stamps of their 1913 definitive series. I collect post stamps (specially Mexican stamps), so two of my hobbies are represented here. Do you know if there are models of any of those ships, either wood or plastic? It would be nice to build one. My best regards to you in Ukraine!
  5. It looks very nice Robert. A good smooth surface will help a lot with the second planking. Take your time. A pair of planks on each side per day is enough at the beginning. That will allow you to check a correct positioning, alignment, tapering and glueing. I am sure you feel much better today!!!
  6. Hi everybody! Netting has been completed! I also worked on the poop kevels and the channels. Here are the picks. Best regards.
  7. Hi Sheerline! You can contact them at this email: info@corel-srl.it I had an issue with my model’s instruction booklet and they helped me very fast. The pressed wood pieces on my model also had a lot of faults. I didn’t like them. They break easily and they are not easy to work. But I didn’t asked for a new set. Good luck and keep up the great work!
  8. Port side hammock netting installed. Experience is paying dividends!!! I was able to set it very rapidly by first threading the “u”shaped supports with the brass wire and then gluing them into position. Here are the picks !!! Best regards.
  9. Hi friends: Not too much build work in the past few days, but I was able to finish another netting and the taffrail. Here are the picks. Best regards.
  10. Robert: No problem. A nice filling and sanding will solve this. And you will cover everything. I am pretty sure you learned a lot, and that will help you with the second planking. After seeing the picks, I will insist you to take a break. Minimum 2 days. And then do not attempt to do more than 4 planks a day. 2 each side. Calculate, measure, cut, bend and glue; but the most important thing, be relaxed and enjoy. Get a gel CA glue, it helps a lot to dose the correct amount. Use just a small drop on the plank-bulkhead contact area. Use white glue for the rest.
  11. Robert !!!! What are you talking about my friend? You are doing a great job!!! Your craftmanship is superior; your Victory is going to be glorious !!! The bow area, approaching the keel, is the trickiest one. You have curvatures in two axes. Therefore, you need to take care of the plank’s correct tapering, the curvature to the center, and the curvature to the bottom. What I did was to taper the plank and then bend it to the center (the device you made looks perfect for that). After that I soaked the plank again and by hand made the second curvature towards t
  12. Richard, Robert, thank you so much for your kind words. Today I worked on the hammock’s netting. I used a surgical gauze, weathered it with instant coffee (I think the final color matches the wood tone nicely), cut it to shape and insert it in place using the brass wire for the rail as a big needle threading it all. I think the result is good enough. I also worked in some other deck pieces. I am getting closer to finish this second big stage, before the masts and rigging. We got some snow tonight. Rare for Monterrey! Here are t
  13. Hi everybody! Some more work done on the decks in the past few days. Here are the picks! Best regards.
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