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  1. Thanks, Papa! Any ideas for improvement? (I need to shape the stand to the hull, still)
  2. I'm a new modeler, having just taken up the hobby this year, due to COVID. My "trigger" was a gorgeous, elaborate model I saw in a Sushi restaurant. I started with an extremely simple model (a $25 dory kit), and moved up gradually to more complicated endeavors. I recently finished my 4th kit which is a tugboat I decided to customize, and is from the Liman 2 kit from Turkmodel. (I posted pictures of it here). I'm currently working on the Essex kit from Occre. I enjoy ship modelling, and I'm not quitting because: 1. I decided at the start to respect the craft, an
  3. I am new to model ship building, so please be kind ... :0) This is my third kit, and my first attempt at customizing a kit. I tried to emulate the other, much more experienced builder who also made this kit, but I varied somewhat, also. 1. Added copper plating to the hull, painted it black, and used Paneliner & salt streak paint for the salt stains. 2. Painted the deck gray. Scraped bits of a charcoal pencil on the wet paint, & smeared it a bit to try to simulate dirt & grime. Also added this "grime" to the wheel house & other wooden structures.
  4. Wondering if you were able to use kitty litter to simulate barnacles.  I'm looking for a way to add some realism to my boat, and wanted to add some barnacles.

    1. Bob Cleek

      Bob Cleek

      Not me. That was a comment from somebody else. I suppose it might work, but it would depend upon the scale, of course. 

  5. Fantastic job! I just started building this model, too. I intend to build two of them, and to send them to my childhood friends whose father was a tugboat captain. However, I am not an experienced modeler so any advice on how to achieve the weathering looks that you’ve done would be greatly appreciated. (I don’t particularly like the way the model looks when completed according to the instructions in the kit, but I love the way yours looks). In particular, how did you achieve the look of corrosion on the keel? Also, where do you get copper plating? Are any special t
  6. Hello! New modeler here; COVID made me do it! Working on my 4th kit, and hoping to learn from the experienced builders here. Specifically, I’m building the Liman 2 tugboat, and thrilled to see some one working on it here, too.
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