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  1. So I got this model a year or so ago, I built this one to test some newt materials and techniques. This is my second smaller scale ship I do hope to some day build a larger version of the Tirpitz and put her with her sistership. For now this one joins the small scale Scharnhorst.
  2. Finished build of a Scharnhorst of scale 1:1200 by Revell. Started and finished a few years ago. Some colors are inaccurate due to not having the needed colors. This model was mainly used as a test before starting a larger model.
  3. Finished build of a DKM Bismarck of scale 1:700 by Revell. Started many years ago and stopped due to school, now finally completed. Pieces missing due to box being thrown out by family member. Some parts were broken after younger family members touched the model without permission.
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