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  1. So this is finally finished... First off I made the model a while back but never fully completed some parts... I fixed it up a bit and then made it into a diorama. I took a silicone cake mold (sadly had a textured bottom), put in a layer of two part resin, another layer with the ship, then added water texture gel, last added the white foamed water with gel polish (cuz our white silicone was bad). This was basically all just a test and my first ever attempt at this, I plan on making a bigger one with the Tamiya 1:700 Musashi (waterline edition) once I get th
  2. Behold! I have finished my first aircraft carrier model and oh boi I wanna make another one... This is a 1:720 Graf Zeppelin by Revell (german aircraft carrier). This time I dared to use weathering stuff on the model, also used uv resin glue for the wires which made it so much easier to put them in place... Can‘t forget the new decal liquids either which nicely blend in the decals. I know my local hobby shop had a large scale Enterprise and I really want that now...
  3. The newest model I finished, a 1:570 Scharnhorst by Revell. This has been one of the ships that was on my model wishlist. It‘s always nice adding another german warship to my collection. This is also the first model I bought a display case for, I tried my best to make this model as good as possible with my current skills and supplies to make it worthy for the display case. I can say I am proud of this one and love how it turned out. I used quite a few new materials for this one, plasto and milliput to fill cracks, mold line cleaner, black thread, plasti-zap, etc. I
  4. I‘m not gonna lie I completely forgot about this model... So this was the first ever model I made many many years ago, which means it isn‘t really any good... I only had the model kit without any extra supplies (no scalpel, file, etc.). I got this 100 year edition of the Titanic for Xmas from my grandma (I can‘t remember why). It was never fully finished and many pieces were lost. I would love to get the chance to remake this model and finish it. I do plan on doing another Titanic model, either the same kit if I can find it again or a different one (hopefully the sa
  5. Since I built the Bismarck a while back it only made sense to build her rival the mighty HMS Hood. I found this 100 year edition recently and decided to go for it. This is also the first model I didn‘t break a part on or lose one on. This is by far the best model I have built till now and I hope to build many more with this quality. She can now join the Bismarck (having both placed opposite of eachother)
  6. So I got this model a year or so ago, I built this one to test some newt materials and techniques. This is my second smaller scale ship I do hope to some day build a larger version of the Tirpitz and put her with her sistership. For now this one joins the small scale Scharnhorst.
  7. Finished build of a Scharnhorst of scale 1:1200 by Revell. Started and finished a few years ago. Some colors are inaccurate due to not having the needed colors. This model was mainly used as a test before starting a larger model.
  8. Finished build of a DKM Bismarck of scale 1:700 by Revell. Started many years ago and stopped due to school, now finally completed. Pieces missing due to box being thrown out by family member. Some parts were broken after younger family members touched the model without permission.
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