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  1. Really outstanding - congratulations! The sea is a really nice addition & the sails are just great!
  2. Outstanding. Wish I had that to look at when I read all those books!
  3. Really nice work, Chris. And a very thorough build log. Amazing you did that in just 4 months! Jim
  4. Really nice. I didn't know anything about card models, so it was interesting to see your log.
  5. Thanks Chris. It really did make me feel better about making significant changes in the model after reading your comments on the kit. It was like permission to stop beating your head agains the wall! It was so much harder than the Swift, even though both were "beginner" models.
  6. My first wooden ship model, done in 1981-82. Still holding up after almost 40 years.
  7. Started in 1984, finished 1st layer of planking & two deck houses. Put away in about 1990 for 30 years, decided to try finishing it in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. 6 months of daily effort finished it. Never did really figure out hull planking. Turned out ok, but don't look too closely! Had a very hard time getting it acceptable at the bow. Amazing what you can cover up with stain. Was amazed that the "flexible beech board" actually was flexible after 30 years (after soaking in water). Almost decided to cut back the bowsprit & main boom, a
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm Jim, and I live in Maryland. I recently FINALLY completed my Corel Flying Fish that I started in about 1984, worked on, on and off until about 1990 when I put it away due to career, business travel, kids & life in general. I decided to try to finish it in March - with the pandemic shutting everything down, it seemed like if I didn't do it now, I never would. So, 6 months later after working on it virtually every day, it's finally done. I'll post some pictures in the completed gallery in a bit. This forum that you've all created is just phenomena
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