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  1. I have a whole set of test strips sitting as we speak with various combinations of glue/CA with just stain, just varnish, and both combined. Just figured I’d ask since you gave great advice last time. I plan to put poly over all of the stain anyway so I’m sure it’ll work out just fine Thanks !
  2. Just a thought I had after applying the stain. Once the poly is applied you do feel the need to sand a little on your models to get a good bite from the glue? I figure wood glue may need a little roughness to adhere to, but CA should theoretically bond to anything not actively oily, yes? best tim
  3. So I have made a bit of progress since last time. I got the bulwarks completed, finished the outer hull, and got some stain down. i finished the bulwarks with left over lime wood since I felt like it fit better and had a nicer color to apply red over without it coming out too darkened by the walnut. I’m going to put another strip at the bottom but I’m not sure if I want to go red or have a slightly different shade to add some mild depth. After fiddling with some scrap pieces, I decided to put a layer of Puritan Pine stain over the walnut as I feel that the pine sank int
  4. Can’t thank you enough for the advice. I have about 4 planks left on the upper gun ports then going to sand everything down to even things out and remove any visible CA. Then onto the clear coat hopefully. Very excited to get into more of this ship.
  5. I really appreciate all the feedback! I picked up a tin of miniwax satin clear for about 13$. Once i get the upper portion of the gunport strips planked up, ill throw some scrap pieces together and start experimenting
  6. Thank you for the likes and suggestions! glbarlow, I’m from Delaware. Is there a specific brand you like to work with? I’ve seen a lot of people using Ronseal but it looks like that’s hard to find here in the US. I feel like I see a lot of miniwax poly and varathane polys at my local Home Depot though thank you for the input. I’d love to get to seal but I may have to try mini wax or varathane
  7. Bottom portion of the walnut planking completed last night. Very surprised this went as well as it did for my first attempt. I’m very happy with at least some symmetry! a question that I have now is that I really want to bring the wood to life, but don’t want to impact my ability to glue the other structures that are needed to the hull. I am also not completely sure at this point if I want to paint the bottom or go natural (leaning toward unpainted since my planking came out decent). is there a way to accomplish a natural finish using tung oil, stain, varnish, etc that
  8. Thanks! Im hopeful to be moving further this weekend. I took a look at yours and it is coming along nicely as well the tip on the decorations is great! I will definitely reference that lime plank for spacing
  9. It’s definitely a process and it’s a mess 99% of the time. I just clean it up here and there to keep my girlfriend from using one of the very sharp scalpels against me
  10. I believe you’re right that I may end up being a little wide in the end. This is my own fault for not shaving enough off before the initial planking. I was able to shave off a good amount after the first planking so I’m hoping that a light sanding after the 2nd planking will either make it flush or “close enough”. I’m already in making notes for my next build in areas to improve upon. I definitely understand the process a lot better now so I’ll be able to plan everything out more accurately
  11. Had the day off, so I got a good bit done over the weekend and today. Second planking is definitely easier with the entire surface underneath being solid and smooth. happy Monday!
  12. Looks great! Everything appears lined up nicely including your cannon compared to the strips. And don’t worry about the wave at the bottom. Mine had the same thing but with the thickness of the first planking layer you’ll be able to sand it down flush extremely easily. Keep Up the great work !!
  13. Thanks for the primer tip. That will definitely save a little time! You were right before as well. Getting the hang of it only took a few planks, then I was able to relax and enjoy the sawdust
  14. Hi all I just finished up the first layer of planking 😊! It is far from perfect but I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out. I feel like it has decent symmetry between sides and I’m definitely more confident to go into the final layer of planking. there are some minor gaps that I plan to hit with wood filler. I still need to obsess over it a few times to make sure I have sanded enough away to allow for the second layer at the bow and stern. Then I’ll likely do a thin primer of grey which I believe a lot of people mention on here to see imperfections?? If this is
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