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  1. Thanks BE. I did go back and reference your build after your first comment and I must admit that I like the thicker method you show better, but I’ll take this as a learning experience and try the more authentic method on the next build Best Tim
  2. Good morning BE This how I interpreted the instructions based on the images on the plans. Admittedly I removed more wood than I likely should have. Is this not how this area should be? Tim
  3. Finally have some progress to show after a decent lack of posting. The masts have taken more time to create than I had planned, plus life and work were getting in the way. anyway, I have completed the lower masts for the most part and have the upper portions to the proper(ish) dimensions. I have learned quite a bit along the way that I will carry to other builds such as properly sharpening chisels and how to plan out consistent cuts that have the same depth on 4 sides. I messed up quite a few times on this. Overall I think the results are pretty good to my eye. Please
  4. I was going to comment this same thing. This is what I do as welll. I got tired of making all Of those small knots on the eye hooks
  5. Thank you for the kind words B.E. 🙂 and thank you @Dfell for the like really appreciate you guys stopping in for a look Tim
  6. More forward progress is being made slowly i did more work on the bow of the ship with completing the netting as well as the main stay collar (?) and the boomkins. For whatever reason I have been looking forward to completing these portions of the ship...I’m decently happy with the outcome. I have also gotten most of the lower portion of the foremast completed including portions of the foretop. Still need to add the railing in. I decided to add the battens to the top and I love the look. These were fiddy to get to the right shape and fit but the outcome was worth the has
  7. Thanks for the advice! I have seen many people start with square stock, and I tried to go that same route. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any ramin square stock that I can get shipped for a practical price. I see tons of birch and poplar but I’m almost anaphylacticly allergic to the pollen of those trees so that wood makes me a little too anxious to use. I can find pine pretty easily but I’m concerned it won’t stain to the same color as the ramin I have used on the bowsprite. If I fiddle too much more I may just make the swap and see what happens 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Very small update tonight. I decided to redo my bowsprite gammoning with my own self made rope and I decided to switch from black to dark brown. I like how you can see the details of the rope more clearly compared to the kit supplied .75mm black. I had previously set the black on there but after playing with my rope rocket, I decided to remove it. I have also begun making the masts. I feel like this is going to take a while. I am learning how to use the Proxxon lathe as well as using wood chisels to get the proper squared sections and tapers which is proving to be more c
  9. Wonderful job so far. I’ve referenced your work frequently! What did you use for your netting? I’m struggling to find anything that meets scale and looks decent Tim
  10. First go at marking some rope with Syrens Rope Rocket. I was expecting to have absolutely terrible results my first few. Luckily I was not so disappointed. This tool is an absolute gem to work with. my try’s are not anywhere near perfect but I’m extremely satisfied with my first try’s. 1st rope was brown, 2nd was white, 3rd was tan @Chuck, your tools are invaluable and expertly crafted. Tim
  11. Hey Alan! Great to see you on here. Thank you for taking a look and your compliments I am going to put the handles on there. I just haven’t gotten around to it...got sidetracked with the bowsprite, but they’re still dry fitted so I’ll be adding them in soon are you planning to put a log of your Kearsarge on here?? Tim
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