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  1. Thank you all for the likes and comments. I appreciate the encouragement and extremely kind words more than you know. Tim
  2. Looks very even and uniform to my eye Richard. I especially like how nicely the rivets/indentations came out. Did you do this with a jig or were the plates pre done that way? keep up the great work! Tim
  3. Started to work on the channels and the bits beneath the channels. These are proving to be a challenge to get initial attachment to the hull. Currently I’m using a spare piece of dowel, measured to show where the shroud line would attach, with a piece of string to get the closest angle for the pieces to attach in line with tension. I think I have the angle mostly right (or as close as I will be able to at this point. I may improve or figure it out as I move back and then do the other side). This side profile shows the angles in getting now as well as an idea of ho
  4. Thanks Dunnock for taking a look! I appreciate it I was able to get my posts attached without too much trouble thankfully. I’m still waiting on the guns to arrive but I have plenty to keep me occupied Tim
  5. After seeing the result you have achieved so far, this ship will definitely be on my build list for the future. Exceptional work Tim
  6. What you’ve done so far is looking great! Don’t worry about speed , just enjoy when you have time! Tim
  7. Looking very clean! did the swivel guns come with the kit or were these purchased separately? Tim
  8. Thank you all for the likes and suggestions! I was able to find these and order a full compliment of them. Oddly enough the international shipping was only 4$ extra so that’s a win! I’ll probably use your mounting methods as I like the effect you achieved. Did you have enough spare PE hooks or did you end up buying more? I may end up leaving a few off as you and @glbarlow suggested. If I do leave some out is there a place they are typically stored on the deck or are they stowed away?? Id love to have them visible if possible even if not mounted. Than
  9. Hi all i was able to make some more progress this last week with adding a bunch of the tiny deck fittings into their respective locations. I was able to complete the midship section that includes the ships pumps, gallows(?), poles and ropes around the stairs, and my addition of elm tree style pumps not sure why, but I have been excited to complete this specific section for quite some time. I was also able to complete the decorative railing in this section as well after I modified the side deck section that still needs ladders. This part was fiddly to
  10. Small update this time. Completed the upper capstan with some mods that I saw in TFFM even though I couldn’t do it nearly as well. also decided that I wanted to add pumps as I’ve seen in other builds. These I made 100% from scratch. The most difficult part was the portion that holds the handle. I’m actually quite happy with the effect I was able to achieve. Feeling much better making my own pieces where I can! cheers all, Tim
  11. Thank you for the comment Richard. Also thank you for the likes from everyone else I got a bit more accomplished over the last few days, especially with the snow on the east coast here. I was able to get the rear deck planked and glued in place after finishing the guns beneath that section. I left a few unfinished in the middle of the ship, but will finish those last 3 this week. I decided to use decking around the crossbeam above the pumps. I felt like it fit better with how I have chosen to color things. Plus it matched what I had done of on the forward deck i wa
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