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  1. She is still sailing. There is movie with W. Ashburner on youtube, first an inspection in the garden and later in the movie sailing. There are no falsh keel or enlarged rudder and of course no engine! Search for "sweeper1967" at youtube Lonja
  2. Built after plans from Harold A Underhill. Scale 1:45. Sails well without extra keel.
  3. Thank you! There is a new building log at the same site. Look for "Skeppsbyggeri". Lonja
  4. The figures are a former crew of a tank from WWII. They have a much better life now... Georg
  5. It is a double reward to be able to sail a model you have built. "lonja"
  6. Very nice indeed! I suppose we like the same type of models! lonja
  7. Thank You! She sails very well too! lonja
  8. Thank you! Sailed this morning, radiotransmitter in one hand, camera in my other hand... Strong wind - very fun! Washed the deck sometimes. Georg (lonja)
  9. RC scalemodels from a builder in Sweden.
  10. I had no plans, so she is built based only at a lot of pictures. A "symhpony" of that kind of ships, they are so beatiful. Georg (lonja)
  11. Scratch built, R/C. 72 cm l o a.
  12. A personal mix of American schooners and scandinavian design. Lenght o a 105 cm.
  13. ! Yes, there is a build log, but in swedish! It would be hard work to translate all to english! http://www.nykmk.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1679 Dispite my english name, I am born in Sweden and lives here too... If you follow the link above, you may look at the pics anyway. There is another posibility - send me your name and adress and I will send you a cd with ca 250 pics of the building and the first sail. Regards, Georg Fleetwood georg.fleetwood@gmail.com
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