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  1. Happy New year to all I am happily retired in Somerset UK. Career background in engineering. Have been wood carving for nearly 15 years but have always held a keen interest and fascination in "Nelson era" sailing ships. Having watched many YouTube videos on ship modelling l decided it was time to have a go. Looking through some of your Build Logs brigantine Leon lept out as a suitable subject having got the plans and Harold Underhills books. But not wishing to run before walking l bought H. M. Schooner Pickle kit as perhaps a more modest starting point. Hope to create build log as it pr
  2. Have just ordered Caldercraft Hms Pickle so will be following any references on Model ship world. Very keen to produce as near scale model as possible. Any info will be much appreciated. Pete Collins (new to model ship world so hope this message is OK)
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