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  1. No. Time has nothing to do with it. There are photos of completely new schooners, with the same boom. This is an American fishing schooner built in 1884. Photo from 1886. The boom is also curved.
  2. I see. As a version. One more question. I drew a drawing of a Russian military clipper ship. But I don't understand how the topsail tack changes?
  3. That's right. But the customer asked for it. It was under the white sail that he sailed on the lake as a child.
  4. Gdov-boat. Fishing and transport vessel from Lake Peipsi. They were built in the city of Gdov, where the name came from. A local traditional sailing and rowing vessel for fishing and work. The length is about 7 ... 8 meters. Late 19th century... late 20th century. Since the 40s, an engine has been installed. The boats had quite a busy life. I have an article about their history from the 19th century. I can post it here. But it is useless for most people, since it is not in English.
  5. That's my English. I was referring to the archaeological term Barque. From the word "barca". The full name of the "Barque-rook ship".
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