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  1. Another nonship project...this time a 54mm French grenadier from the Napoleonic period.   Found this guy diggin' around in the archives. no telling how long I've had the kit... must be quite a while since I only paid 79 cent for it!!IMG-0240.jpg.800bf1fc42c8202fdf3c47773cc69a6b.jpg


    I've been determined to get my figure painting skill back to where they used to be thirty some years ago, so this was the perfect subject to start with, but first I picked up a couple tools to help.  A lighted magnifier and a rechargeable hi intensity led light 



    Found the flag online and printed it off, the "dirt" is painted cat litter, the base is a piece of cherry oiled and urethaned, the figure was done with a mix of oils and acrylics weathered with pastel powders sealed with hairspray.  Pics followIMG-0241.jpg.31467081ac342421e738e0d11c6f3452.jpgIMG-0242.jpg.d42aa17951b933f4b94b1fab607b16ee.jpgIMG-0247.jpg.b3cf5b09d972c60a992ab1a57ff7fa62.jpgIMG-0243.jpg.23453bc5d8fa7220b548e8dfc8e3f7c6.jpgIMG-0244.jpg.57869919973f4b70da2879062861ba3c.jpgIMG-0245.jpg.17557c94f454c8903809e8cbdfe8bb7a.jpgIMG-0246.jpg.8fe8cbe95f5fb0d62d50c61d50186d0a.jpg




  2. Didn't do any ships over the summer but did hit the model stash again...drug out some Tamiya military kits, I've had these in storage from the mid 80's.   First up is a Sherman representing a vehicle from the 5th cav division late in the war.


    Kit was built box stock the focus was on paint and weathering, kit figure was done with artist oils.




    Eventually I'll mount this on a vignette base...probably a cobblestone road

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