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  1. I put copper bolts through the counter timber and into the aftmost cant frame because I really don't want it to move. The "bolt" is 24 gauge wire pushed into a 0.5 mm hole with super glue.
  2. I used the pictures from McKay for the stern. You already have those I believe. Hahn's stern has fewer if I recall correctly. Your boat is looking good.
  3. Its good to see the hull beginning to take shape. There's some variation in the color of Swiss pear I purchased thats evident from the three frames roughed in.
  4. I don’t know how to use software to lift and loft these frames so, for now, I'm gluing the profile for each piece onto the wood and cutting them out on the bandsaw, careful to ensure each piece is wide enough to account for the frame's shape. I'm sure that's clear as mud
  5. If anyone else has come across these straps let me know how you handled them. These are made from three layers of copper tape with 24 gauge copper wire for the bolts. All CA glued down.
  6. I noticed these six straps connecting the stern timbers to the top two transom pieces in the pic below. They aren't labeled and they are missing in all the other pictures so I'm not sure what they were made from. Considering the Bounty had to have all its iron fittings replaced by brass or copper when it was coppered by the royal navy (something they did apparently to keep the iron fittings from reacting with the copper plates, I'm going to use copper for them and for the five bolts in each.
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