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  1. Astonishing detail Greg; she sure will look the part with her planes added. Have you thought of placing her in a diorama of sorts (painted background of sea horizon, sky, clouds and perhaps a plane or two flying around? cheers Pat
  2. She's looking extroadingly good Rob, nice work mate. At the scale you are building good luck with the gaskets had you tried cheers Pat
  3. Coming along nicely Steven. I visited the spot on the Hamble River where the remains of her hull lie during my recent trip to the UK; nothing to see but I can say I was there I can send a photo if you like? cheers Pat
  4. Can't beat the Jim Byrnes disc sander for accuracy IMHO. cheers Pat
  5. That is one very nice build, even without her aircraft and weapons. cheers Pat
  6. Hi, I do what EdT and many other modellers do for rigging - do NOT cut off the tail ends of any lines until ALL rigging is complete. For example when tensioning the stays via the deadeye lanyards. I do not type off the lanyard tails in their final seizings; rather, I tie a few hitches around the shroud with the tail. and bundle/coil the rest and tape it out of the ay. that way I can retension everything as I go or as required. T When everything is done, I do a final tension of all lines - preferably in a neutral or 'median' humidity, do the final seizing or belaying, add the rope coils etc. Have a look at EdT's last build (Young America) and you will see what I mean. The rigging can get 'messy/busy' but it is worth it. The reason I aim at amdian humidity (mid spring / autumn if I can) is that (for natural fibre cordage) there should be sufficient elasticity to allow for shrink/expansion during drier or more humid conditions - but over a longer time some further adjustment may be required (as already pointed out - me - I just live with the sag in more humid weather. Cheers Pat
  7. Very nice progress Rob and you seem to have mastered the 'system ' as you call it. Unless you're not telling us of some redos? Like you I prefer to avoid them but sometimes .... 🙄 Cheers Pat
  8. Very nice BW; extremely well executed workmanship. I like your idea of leaving the scuttles open as that is some nice detail to view (if not obscured by the rigging etc when you add it?)
  9. BW I am sure you could create these and bsides I am very envious of your quality finishes. Thanks for your kind words
  10. That deck looks very plausible Greg, no need to disguise anything there. Really looks good 👌👍👍
  11. Welcome back to the fray Mike. Now that you have started it will be all the easier to keep going (says I having put off some tasks for too long ) That hull looks very good. cheers Pat
  12. Nice work Greg. Are you going to distress the deck and add tyre marks at the landing area etc? cheers Pat
  13. More nice work Keith, makes my day seeing these updates - but I don't think the 'laptop' has made yours cheers Pat
  14. She's looking very fine indeed Steven; the overall shot really shows how much effort and detail you have put into the build. cheers Pat

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