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  1. Thanks Eberhard, makes more sense now. I buy a lot of their burrs and drills, so I will have a poke around their site again. cheers Pat
  2. Your skills and build quality continue to amaze bitao; very much enjoy following this log. Eberhard, any chance of a photo of one of those rivet tools; I am having a hard time visualising what you describe I hope you don't mind bitao? cheers Pat
  3. Those spars look good Keith, all starting to come together now. You just need to be a 'little' patient cheers Pat
  4. I had wondered what had side tracked you Patrick; nice to see another well executed miniature for your collection. cheers Pat
  5. I don't know how I missed this Druxey; I hope there is room for a late-comer to the party. Seeing what you achieved in other builds, this should be another beauty. I, and I am sure many others, appreciate the tutorial on how to develop a boat/building plug. cheers Pat
  6. Looking mighty fine Keith, some lovely detail emerging. It reminds me I have to get back to the workbench - too much time spent researching the rig (but almost complete now). cheers Pat
  7. Very nice work Allan, coming along very nicely. I did put in trennels for the deck planking in my Endeavour (1:60). The size there allowed me to go two sizes bigger in the Byrnes draw plate (very slightly oversized. They look okay, especially at viewing distance, rather than the photo close-up distance. I also used bamboo (from skewers well wetted before drawing) - very painstaking as you have pointed out. Here is what it looked like. cheers Pat
  8. Hopefully all will be sorted for you quickly mate; know where you are at as I have the same issue. cheers Pat
  9. Very nice work; as Druxey says, a pity some of this lovely detail will be obscured. cheers Pat
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