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  1. Yeah paper mache will definitely be helpful in some places Today I just used Pva glue with the paper You know just experimenting things But I I believe adding paper Mache to the mix will make it easier to reach some spots in the hull Thanks 🙏
  2. Did some progress I technically finished placing the hull I still have to think about how I'm going to make the front of the ship looks like the flying dutchman 👌 My initial plan was to add layers upon layers of white 21×27 paper But I just settled by adding one layer and I'm going to use the cardboard like planks I believe this way I can decorate the outside of the hull as I want since the pieces aren't that big
  3. thanks, welcome to the journey i'm having so much fun with it
  4. thanks everyone for the replies i'll take them in consideration and see what works for me gotta say this is the greatest fourm i've ever joined, i'm so gratefull the community is just awsome 🙏
  5. figuring out solutions for some problems is the interesting part of it i guess hahah welcome 😇
  6. i'm thinking to make a smaller layer on top of the last paper layer with (Home made clay) but it's risky if it dried taking a bad shape
  7. oh okay , and yeah i agree about getting the hull in the right place from the start but working with cardboard it's little bit hard to do so
  8. i will test it out in a small cardboard sheet and see the result before applying it, i aslo found multiple recipes for other things but i'm not sure which one i should use, i think i just need to test out things and see what works best thanks
  9. thanks, me too hahah i've been following this build as well it looks awesome but unfortunately it's not available where i live
  10. I'm building the flying dutchman using cardboard I already finished the frame and bulkheads placing I'm now working on the hull and I'm still not sure what to do next I just cut a large piece of cardboard and placed it horizontally (like shown in the picture) and I'm planning to add lot of layers of white paper and smooth to give it a nice look So I've been searching in and outside this forum about cardboard builds to get ideas and every time I see them using something putty looking I wonder what it is ? Is it just Pva glue ? If it's something else what's it's name and if there's a way for it to be homemade ? Also if you know any trick or techniques working with cardboard please share with me hahaha A lot of questions 😭😂
  11. Almost done with the right side They looks awful now hahah but I'll add many layers of white papers so I'm assuming it's going to hide every bad looking spots The holes are meant for canons But with the last three I decided to make holes later when cardboard is dry just to line them perfectly because I kinda messed up with the first ones cause I cut the cardboard before placing it And since it's my first time working with cardboard Whenever I'm drawing or measuring everything makes sense but when I put the glue and place it on the frame everything goes wrong hahahah
  12. I also made a simple test by creating this back cover I scratched the cardboard from the inside to make it bend and follow the bulkhead shape I'm thinking to do the same on every place on the side
  13. Day 2 progress : - After the bulkheads were dry and kinda solid I created small squares between them I believe by doing this I'm going to make the core solid more And I'm going to use them later to put cannons from the inside of the ship since it's empty from the the inside
  14. Thanks hopefully I'll pass all the obstacles hahaha Welcome 😁
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