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  1. Back from the cottage and I printed off a 1/96 version of my Hero Forge figure. It took only a few minutes to rescale the original in the Chitubox software that the Elegoo printer uses. I did increase the resolution as well. Now it’s more in line with my "micro" HMS Triton cross-section in progress (please pardon the jig I have currently attached). Also, when I created the figure I didn’t pay attention to my options for the base, some of which would have been much easier to cut off when the time comes. I've got a few more software tools I'm going to explore to create more poses an
  2. Thanks for the replies. With respect to figures - I have been investigating several online figure creators that allow you to download an .stl file for 3D printing. Most of these are geared toward fantasy and model railroad figures and kind of miss out on 18th and early 19th century maritime figures that I'm interested in. I managed to make a "navy-like" officer in Hero Forge (heroforge.com). The process is fairly straight forward - you pick and choose pre-made bodies, parts, clothes, poses to assemble a figure. You can customise the pose and, when you're ready, you pay $7.99 (US) to d
  3. Oh wow! I just purchased an Elegoo Mars resin printer to do exactly what you are doing! So glad that I found your post. I'm having a blast testing out my printer and can't wait to create some crew, fabricate parts and make ornamentation for my models. Great job! - Gabe
  4. Excellent work, Rob! I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be copying your method! Clear skies, Gabe
  5. Wonderful work, Graham! The belfry looks awesome - nice touch and clever how you pulled it off. Clear skies! Gabe
  6. Thanks, Edward! The nice thing about small pieces is that you have very little material to remove. The bad thing is you have very little material left behind! 😆 NOT looking forward to the hanging knees. Too much shaping, too little space. Any advice would be welcome! Regards, Gabe
  7. Weak/Week in the Knees After too much research (I'm cursed by this habit/addiction! 😩) and a week of dithering I decided to alter the arrangement of knees from the simpler, yet elegant, plans. In the AoTS books Diana and Pandora, the lodging knees forward of frame 0 abut to the aft side of the beams, there are knees between the beam arms and there is a transition where there are two overlapping lodging knees or a scarphed pair. Mess deck of HMS Pandora (Anatomy of the Ship, McKay) Mess deck of HMS Diana (AoTS, White) [aside: this content editor is gi
  8. Oh! I thought it was the PLANS that were out, Mark! 😂🤣 Attesting to the nature of wood, I noticed a significant difference in the width between the frames after I varethaned the outside faces. The beams fit very well beforehand but are now too long for the space. The "spring" in the frames is also much reduced, making me wince when I try to dry fit the beams. I'll be following your and Edward's advice and move ahead with building the deck in place. I’m going to have to carefully plan the painting and realistic touches I intend to add. Warm regards (it was -3
  9. Thanks Mark! The beam arms were a real test and I think I'll grade this effort at a “C”. Decent enough job but some mistakes. Hopefully I’ll bring that up to at least a “B" on the gun deck! On another note... Reading other logs I'm torn between several paths. I would like to assemble the deck right on the plans and install the entire assembly. I plan to make one end of my model realistic which means painting. Assembling the entire deck off this small model would help in that regard. But, I have already discovered: 1) that the beam templates I used from the
  10. Welcome aboard! This is a great place to learn this hobby. In particular, read over the logs of the same model as yours. Great insights to be had. From Canada 🇨🇦 Clear skies! -Gabe
  11. Thanks for the compliment, Edward! And please join in! Great work on your Triton(s) 😃by the way. I'm really enjoying your log(s)! Clear skies, Gabe
  12. To arms! I had a clear idea of how I was going to fit the beam arms to the beam. I would need to concentrate on creating notches that lined up, were square and had tight junctions. Well, easier said than done! I first trimmed all the planking and sanded the ends on a flat surface. A single coat of varethane was applied to the outer frames to keep dirt off and minimize damage. I dry fit the beam to determine the proper placement of the beam arms. Once laid out I used an exacto knife to mark where the notches would need to be made, maintaining a correct alignment of oppo
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