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  1. What kind of paint did you use for the algae effect? It looks amazing, much better than any of the effects I've tried
  2. Also, any ideas about where I could get some rigging experience. The Seydlitz appears to have very complex rigging around the nets, and I want to be ready when I end up getting it.
  3. I think I agree with you there. Seydlitz can wait until I have acquired the expertise to try the detail up set.
  4. I would like some advice regarding the selection of the next model that I intend to build. I am having trouble deciding between the SMS Seydlitz and the French pre dreadnought Condorcet. Both are from hobby boss and are in 1/350 scale. I initially favored the Seydlitz, but I recently discovered that the kit does not come with the torpedo netting shown on the box art. The detail up set from Infini which provides the netting is quite pricey, and appears to be above my skill level. Are there any other methods of obtaining the netting, or should I wait until I have the money (and skill) to
  5. Thank you very much, I'm starting to feel better about my cannon ports. The flaws are hardly visible when its on the shelf .
  6. After looking at it, i think I agree with you, although the Occre kit looks a lot more ornate near the back, which I like. I'll worry about that decision once I get through my current models 😀.
  7. Hell everyone. I started my first wood model, the Occre albatross a few months ago, and I bought the Occre polaris as well. I probably should have done the polaris first 😂. Its been going pretty well, but I'm nervous about starting the masts and rigging. I'm also looking for suggestions about books to buy that will be helpful, and tools that I need, because I don't actually own anything shown in the pictures. I kind of screwed up the cannon ports, and I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding making them look less lopsided without ruining the model. I'm also looking for suggestio
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