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  1. Well, I've made a start. My first problem of identifying lath 13 was solved. The instructions describe this piece as being 3x3mm, and my only decision was which piece to use. I have 2 identical laths of these dimensions, just a slight difference in colour. Throughout the instructions there is only reference to "walnut" and "lime", so I took a punt and used the slightly darker one, "a bit more walnutty than the other walnut one"." Since then I've mostly been sanding and filing. All the slots in the keel and frames needed widening to allow them to fit together. I a
  2. My Corel Ranger arrived in the post a couple of days ago, and this is my first build. I bought this kit because it was listed as a beginner kit by the online supplier, and I liked the look of it. That was basically it, and I didn't join MSW till after I'd placed the order. So now I know @Cathead, @mattsayers148, @trippwj, @Woodmiester12, @Small Stuff all have tackled this before me (hope I've not not missed anyone) and I've also found https://modelshipworld.com/topic/18657-new-to-ship-modelling-but-what-do-you-build-first/ which suggests Corel might not have been the best choice fo
  3. Thanks for all the welcome messages folks 🙂 I looked through your Dallas Cutter log and I'll be delighted if my Ranger turns out half as good as that. Must've been very satisfying to have picked it up and completed it after all those years! I know 'Down Under' well, or at least your part of it. Lived in Sydney (Manly, Coogee, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst) for about 4 years. I miss it dearly and the friends I made down there. Advice noted....breathe....😄 Yes, the one in Dumbarton is only half an hour away. I confess to having never visite
  4. Hi everyone I'm essentially brand new to model ship building - 25 years ago I bought Le Hussard by Artesania Latina with zero research and gave up very quickly. I used to paint fantasy miniatures in my teens, but other than that I've not much in the way of 'crafty' skills or experience to draw from. So I'm starting afresh with a Corel SM55 Ranger American Revenue Cutter 1823 Kit 1/50 which should be arriving soon. It was listed as a beginner kit on the supplier's website, but having read through a couple of the build logs here I'm slightly nervous that it's maybe not th
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