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  1. Thanks very much, Marc. Yes, do have a look at HisModel. Radimir is very helpful and knowledgeable. He offers a whole list of items put together for this kit. I'm just about to order the wooden deck. He does a huge range of blocks of all sorts and sizes, deadeye clamps and very useful PE like eyebolts and hooks in useful sizes, so there's really no need to make one's own. John
  2. HI! I found this thread a couple of weeks ago and have worked my way through to the last page at last. It was worth every minute. Like so many others, I am amazed by your attention to detail and dedication to the subject. I had begun my SR project a few months ago. It is only the second sailing ship model I have attempted, having just previously spent two years building Heller's Glorieux using the Boudriot books, after a friend, looking at my collection of WW2 ships, said 'but you haven't got a sailing ship!' (he's a sailor). I bought the St Philippe book as a major help but your pro
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