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  1. Yikes, thanks for the heads up.I know from watching Gary Brinker that there a lot of out of spec items and some poor instructions. He's not shy to point them out....if you haven't watched him it can be entertaining. But I guess that what makes the journey fulfilling. Ron
  2. Hey John, Don't feel bad. It seems this piece has caused a lot of headaches....you're coming along nicely. Hope I can do as well when I get my kit. Ron B
  3. Thanks Ryland, Reading like mad and comparing to MSW build notes....great fun. Ron B
  4. Hi David, It is with not a little trepidation that I embark on this 1st build....but you have given me confidence in your cleat explanations, and research...cheers from Willowdale ....winter approaches. Ron B
  5. I hope I do this correctly.... Have been reading many of the logs concerning the bluenose,and have started making contact with some builders. A great group of people who are so willing , and able, to help. A little background. Actually built a tug boat , POB, back in the 70's and quite liked it. No internet back then so just jumped in feet first and enjoyed it. Then came 3 kids , marathon running, racquetball , 4 hockey leagues for me, and 2 for the boys, work, and rebuilding houses....fairly serious rebuilds where i did everything from electrical,plumbing, g
  6. Very nice work and detailed information ,john. I just ordered the MSW Bluenose kit ...my first attempt at this , save for a small tugboat kit over 40 years ago. I'll follow you with interest. Ron
  7. finally caught up...read the whole log tonight..fascinating how your skills and confidence have grown....cant wait to get started Ron
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