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  1. Greetings! When working on kits I tended to paint once the part was complete (so the wales when the wales done) but not wait until the end as rigging etc gets in the way. On my first kit i did this then covered the entire model in talcum powder in an erroneous attempt to mark the water line. Then I had to paint it again plus wash out bits that should not be painted. (Did look good as a 'ghost' ship though...)
  2. It is really hard to bend. I found it easier to 'carve' it into the bent shape as opposed to trying to force it to bend. If you do try to bend it then lots of water and heat and beware of it splintering. Best sources are old furniture/ornaments if you can find them. It is a protected wood so it shouldn't be sold from recently cut down trees..
  3. I haven't but you will getter a better response by starting a build log or asking perhaps on a member who has done (doing) the build of the kit.
  4. I use the nails (and a push nail thing which is probably not the right name) on the underlayer of planks (normally limewood?). I never use them on the outer layer as I dont want the holes plus you have a better gluing area at that point so there is less need.
  5. Variety is the spice of life! or something along those lines....So any model is a pleasure to see built. Nice to have you aboard.
  6. Good build choice and I will also search out the book.
  7. Greetings, any existing skill with making stuff should mean you have an advantage over many beginners. Nice to have you here.
  8. I think I may have mentioned it before but I have actually held (and swished about) Broke's sabre (it was owned by a private collector). It was quite surreal holding a piece of history like that even though it was something only a naval historian would even recognise as important.
  9. Yes that was a fascinating encounter and Lawrence was a brave man (who had certainly proved himself in the Hornet/Peacock US win). If he had had more time to train his crew to his own standards then that combat would have been much more even. You (I am fairly sure) will have read Ian Tolls book as well where he delves into the design decisions of the American designers and Humphreys versus Fox. You would have to say that Humphrey's was proved correct in the end.
  10. Not quite at the building stage yet (my new work desk apparently arrives 15th October at which point I can switch my home office from my workroom back to the house and start building). I do have some slight progress. Thanks to the generosity of fellow MSW member Mark P - who kindly offered to use his larger printer to print out a lovely full size copy of my base board plan (to avoid having to try and do so on my A4 printer with resultant possible join errors) I now have a lovely base plan on the building board ready for work to begin. lovely. I can't wait
  11. Roosevelts bias is much more subtle than James though its still there. James's case for the prosecution is his War of 1812. When he wrote his huge naval history and got to the 1812 war he states that he wont go into all the arguments as he already covered that in his book on 1812. Roosevelt uses the Naval History and not the War of 1812 as his base to argue against so you sometimes get into strange situations when James says A in his Naval History . Roosevelt argues against A for reasons B & C (which seem reasonable) but then you look at the War of 1812 and James adds arguments D & E w
  12. lovely topic that I shall return too when back on planks..
  13. Nice to have you. Hope you get loads from the site to help..
  14. it would have driven you mad if you had left it without correcting though...even though 99.9999999% of the world would not have...
  15. Love it. Plus I will try and approach my ratlines with your approach as it will keep things tidier than my (doing it by eye)
  16. Greetings! and nice to see you becoming active
  17. Welcome.. it's also nice to have another scratch builder join! I think the thought of it scares some people (though some of the kits out nowadays are just amazing so I can see both sides)
  18. Nice to have you with us. It can be a very satisfying hobby, I would also recommend starting a build log as it is a good way to get assistance and helps mark your own progress (which in years to come you will be pleased to look back on)
  19. (the post numbers by the way are at the top right of the post in format #9 - that post is on page 7 on my browser. It basically shows how many very strong plans designers are on the site and are willing to discuss and assist. One of the strengths of NMM and we are lucky to have them all (I dont want to imagine how wrong my plans would be without their assistance..) . Plus it reminds me how fun drawing ship plans can be. You can such a sense of progress..
  20. It looks like Chuck is correct and it may be advisable to check what sort you have applied. For me it appeared second on the list
  21. Nice to have you with us. Have you considered starting a build log? It can be very useful to get tips and advice and record your endeavours!!
  22. Nice start and the bulkheads look nice and solid. That filler piece certainly looks 'unusually shaped' which makes me wonder.. It 'might' be that intend to allow you to sand back to fit. But that seems like to much effort for a kit so must be wrong. From what I can see the piece looks the right size to fit on the front but where then would the bow of the ship go?? Do the instructions have any shape/positioning comments? On most kits I have seen (not AL admittedly) the bow is a part of the backbone structure of the ship and there are two filler pieces that go either side.
  23. Actually it might still be around. I note your id has 9 posts credited to it but only 3 show in content though I may be missing something... We don't (as a rule) delete logs, usually only spam posts get instant deleted and even then the deleted content hangs around a few weeks so can pulled back if required (there is a time limit on deleted stuff). Very old logs (and 3 months isn't old) with posters who have not visited for years can be hidden and it 'might' be in the hidden section. That sections does not appear to be searchable and I managed to get to page 95 of the hidden stuf
  24. Well I waited for my wood delivery to arrive and arrive it did. Just as we hit lockdown and I had to turn my modelling workspace into a home office (which it still is and will be for two-three months). This has caused a fairly natural hiatus in any worthwhile progress. A couple of weeks back I did take down my youngest sons wardrobe and as I did so I moved to the garage some of the nicer bits of wood and especially paid attention to the solid wood door and some of the support pieces. By flipping it on its back and drilling the support pieces underneath I just so happened to make a nice buildin
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