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  1. Nice! Thank you for the info! Gilmer had some holly in stock and I ordered a hunk. Rick
  2. Rusty, Thank you for the reply - much appreciated! Now the question is, where can you find holly? It seems to have all but vanished. Thoughts? Before starting on Cheerful, I need to get at least 1 build under my belt, and that’s where Chuck’s Medway Longboat comes into play. More to come later. Rick
  3. Hello Rusty! Beautiful Cheerful build! I’ll be using your build log when I get to mine which is waiting on the shelf for me to gain more experience. I do have a question, what wood did you use for the deck and is there a finish on it? I just love the bleached look and I’d look to go that route on my build. Thank you for the info! Rick
  4. Beautiful build! Has any more work been completed? I’ll be starting my Medway build log in a day or 2, first real build attempt in 40 years. The many outstanding build logs are a great inspiration! Rick
  5. Glenn, Thanks for the input! On Syren’s serv-o-magic, which is cherry, I’ve applied 3 coats of satin WOP with 24 hours between coats, no sanding. The finish is baby bottom smooth (no doubt cause it’s a pretty hard wood). I’m impressed with the ease of using and the results of WOP. Rick
  6. Bob, Thank you for the info, much appreciated! I'm currently building Chuck’s serving machine and using that as a test bed for using WOP. I’ve got 2 coats applied without sanding between coats and the finish is pretty nice. Rick
  7. Hey Guys! New member onboard here! I’ve been reading (more like studying), some of the incredible build logs and I’m just so taken by the awesome models and techniques. My first build will be Chuck’s Medway Longboat and I have some questions on using WOP. First, I’ve never used WOP before, and I’ll be using MinWax Satin WOP. I see that you can use a cloth or a brush to get into nooks and crannies. Does WOP need to be sanded between coats or just add the next coat after a couple of hours? Is there a preferred technique to using WOP for best results? Really looking forward to starti
  8. Glenn, Awesome job you’re doing on your Cheerful! Congrats! I’m new to this forum and have been reading and absorbing knowledge like a dry sponge and looking for more. Earlier in your log, you mentioned that you have a method for ripping/milling planks. Could you explain and post some pictures as this is an area I need to learn. Many thanks! R
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