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  1. I love the Talley Ho. Your work appears impeccable all the way up to the Sampson Boat Co. Leo would be obsessively proud, I am certain. Great to witness this vessel being created. Thank you for sharing. John (PaavoOso).
  2. Chuck, you are awesome! Keep up the grand work. 



  3. Thanks very kindly Steven. I am attempting this to relax. I hope it works. Creativity is a wonderful thing, boats, yachts and ship modeling the same. Thank you for your advice, Steven. John
  4. Thank you Mark. The era of "Nam" I sense was as no other. I volunteered in '71 with the USMC. Times were bad and I lost at least one friend from his own hand. Broke my darn heart. He was such a good man. PTSD runs deep. Take good care of yourself. You are admiralty here at MSW. Best always ! John
  5. Hi Bradley, Let's see if it works well enough. I have seen one and it was remarkable. Clay just needs to be at room temperature. Just needs to be moistened with a damp cloth till faired correctly and smooth. You can paint it too. Strength is an added feature. If this turns out well I'll create more and this will be my signature style. Clay requires as much dedication to accuracy as wood. I am moving slowly but keep upp with me Bradley and we will learn together. John
  6. Hi Bradley. Thank you friend for your warm welcome. Thank you also for your valued service to our country and three deployments. Wood working is therapeutic. I have lost a good portion of PTSD nightmares since working in wood. I am happy to hear of your success. Once clay dries it becomes lighter. Thin applications help. Keeping her moist throughout the process helps her shape and once dry she is not as heavy as one may think. But this is my first attempt so I guess we shall all find out. Kind of like ferro-cement was in the late sixties, early seventies with yachts made of iron r
  7. Thank you so very much Alan!!! You have been a tremendous support. I am grateful. John
  8. Thanks very much Allan! I am wishing to make new friends. You are very kind. How do I begin a build log? Thank you for your benevolently kind comment. John
  9. Hi JJT. Thank you very much. I am discovering there is much to consider with this hobby but I am learning little by little.
  10. Hi Mike! Thank you for the warm greeting. I appreciate you.
  11. Hi Charlie! It is very nice to meet you. I am afraid my PTSD does not allow me to leave the house. PM me and I will share my number with you, and if you like I can give you my address. I am already praying for your health to get better, friend. Let me know. Thank you.
  12. Hello to both of my new friends. Thank you so very much for keeping this post positive. I am trying to experiment as a first model in so very many years. I tend to enjoy ingenuity regarding ideas for Marine Design: Art. Design. Engineering. Craftsmanship. Thank you so very much. JIm.
  13. As a pre-teen I began building all types of plastic and wooden boat, yacht, and ship models. I loved my passion for boats. I also drew lines of smaller classifications of canoes, sloops, and kayaks aspiring to solve that ominous mystery how to create simultaneous points that meant something and fit well together. Why after 50 years of sitting in the PTSD doldrums, did I begin to make this hobby of my youth come alive again? Also, suffering a concussion, spinal cord injury, and permanent nerve damage to spinal cord, I am hopeful to bring this dream back to me. I feel it to be a worthy goal.
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