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    Ships, Tolkien, rpgs. Fluent in Japanese and relatively knowledgeable about nautical history, I guess.

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  1. Looks much more the part after a day of sanding and negotiating with the gunports. Putty next.
  2. Lots of planking has happened. I finished everything but the upper gunwales on the first layer. Learned a few things as I went. I’m not sure if I should be happy with it or not, but I think it’s workable. In particular, does anyone have any good information on how/where the garboard plank should terminate at the bow on the Revenge? Photos below; I’d love to hear any ideas on what to do better next time. Trying to establish planking bands; a process I think was counterproductive in this case. The first strakes at the bow. Should hav
  3. Planking adventures! I did investigate a variety of opinions about this process, and amassed a collection of inexpensive equipment. The Occre “instructions” tell one to start immediately below the plywood guides, and gives little other guidance. Their example seems to be planked wrong anyways, but I started at this point as I will need to fit some sort of backing for the dummy barrels I intend to add to the lower deck. First I plank the area, then when I still have acces from below I will glue in the backing. I ended up planking myself into a bit of a pickle as the two
  4. I'm sure they reinforced it around the area where the powder charge goes. Maybe they were for ships that didn't plan on using their guns much.
  5. As I was putting these together I did have a thought in the back of my mind, that all the hooped "wrought" guns I could recall seeing were in fact iron ones.. Well they're rather planked in now; I'll contemplate the prospects of repainting them. Going to have to mix up some iron color anyhow.
  6. I was under the impression that ships of this period carried quite a variety of guns with very little in the way of standardization. Do you suggest that her guns were likely iron, or are wrought and cast bronze exclusive terms? Seems you know a lot more than me about this period! Meriadoc
  7. An update on progress~ Got the last piece in. Planking all the gunwales in sapelli. Easy enough. Faired bulkheads, and added a few filler blocks. These photos show the work in progress. Can’t tell if I did a good job or not but the little spruce plank I used as a guinea pig seemed to fit well enough. And fitted the first plank, bending with a mantua crimper Started dissecting the head “grating” for modification. Thought of a good use for those oversized swivel g
  8. Cirdan, thank you for this information. Very interesting to see what contemporary sources we do have for this ship. I've got some thinking to do about the decorations, but I'll have some time before I have to make any decisions as I learn how to plank. You have a most appropriate username, I must say. I like to put on Tolkien audiobooks while I work. That or Bob Ross.
  9. Ab, very fascinating. I'll have to look into the artwork a little more. Thanks again for sharing! I don't think I'll start anything too soon, but I'll be sure to make a build log when I do to record the adventure. Meriadoc
  10. Ab, thank you for the images of your construction and the artwork. In the last picture by Nooms, are both vessels wad-konvooiers, or just the one on the left? Meriadoc
  11. Ab, thank you for sharing the plans you made! I've never scratch built a ship too large to fit inside a bottle, but I think your fish-hooker tutorial explains the process well enough. I imagine you had to reconstruct most of the details apart from overall dimensions from guesswork. I am not much of a perfectionist when it comes to inherently obscure subjects, so I'll probably seek to make it look pleasing and believable enough, and be happy with it. In any case, learning to scratch build from card will be quite valuable for cost effectiveness and the freedom to choose my scale. W
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