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  1. Thanks for this information but to be honest I don't have enough knowledge yet for a historical inaccuracy like this to bother me, but indeed there is a big difference between the cannons of the kit and those of the real ship. Otherwise this website is very interesting, I found some cannons that would be more appropriate for the 17th century. But first I'll try to contact Constructo to know if these parts are defective (maybe they'll even send me the right parts...).
  2. Thank you for your answer, I had looked a lot at this build log, and I'm sure that they are not the same type of cannons, especially considering the sharpness of the details (such as the reinforcement rings). Also, the general aspect of the cannon looks smoother. A detail that is not visible on this build log is that the cannons have no trunnion, as shown on the plan and unlike mine, which are not even straight. I think this is the old version of the kit. I bought it on a French store website, which listed this kit as discontinued right after.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently received the HMS Prince by constructo in 1/61, and I am sadly surprised by the poor quality of the guns. Unlike the other details, there are big traces of mouldings, they are not drilled and the axes are not even straight. This does not look at all like what I see on the plan, and I looked at a lot of build logs but I never found this type of gun. Are these pieces defective? Maybe this is normal on the latest version of this kit? Do you have any advice on how to fix it properly? Unfortunately I don't
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