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  1. I have been quiet for a few days. In working on the sail, and the lashing and lacing, I somehow misplaced a remaining chunk of 0.3 mm line, and couldn't find it for the life of me. Probably got snagged on clothing and dropped off somewhere else in the house, nowhere to be found. So... had to order some more 0.3 mm line from Model Shipways to finish the lacing on the sail. That additional line finally arrived yesterday, so the shipyard is back operational again! Honestly, after much worry and consternation on how the sail was going to end up looking after all the cutting, gluing
  2. Looks really good, Bob! Anxious to see the painted boat. Been away from mine for about a week, waiting on some replacement supplies from MS. But, getting back to my sail lacing work this evening.
  3. Looks good, Bob! I had similar issues/concerns about "hitting the line"... Everyone's is a bit different, making them unique in a sense. But, if they all sail when done, we've done ok... This first one for me has truly been a learning experience. Taking a long time for me on the lashing/lacing. Keep moving forward!
  4. Great job on the planks, Bob! Glad to see the electric planking tool worked well. I have one, as well, but was a bit afraid to us it on this wood. As I continue on in this hobby, some of the other ship planks may require use of something like this tool, so it's good to get the experience! I'll have my shot eventually. Your mast looks great, too! I'm working on the sail and then the lashing, so my "thin mast" issues will need to be addressed soon. Great job! Keep sailing away! Gregg
  5. Reading your posts about the sail construction, JohnN. Great job! I am to that point now on my build, and have a bit of anxiety in completing it properly. The gluing, taping and making holes for the lacing all have me a bit worried. Can I ask what ratio of glue/water you used to dilute the glue?
  6. Well, I stained the model display stand using Minwax Red Mahogany stain. Probably a little darker than I wanted the stand, but it will look nice once the boat is all completed. You'll notice I went ahead and glued the oarlock plates to the pads, drilled and pinned now, rather than waiting to do any of that work after the boat was attached to the stand. For now, I have simply inserted the oarlocks into their sockets. In an actual boat, you would obviously want the oarlocks to swivel back and forth, but for this model, the oars will be laying in the boat, so wondering if the oarlocks should
  7. Bob, the sail looks great! Just finished with the display stand and working now on the mast and all of its components. Will be getting to the sail soon enough and will be looking again in more detail to your log here. Congrats and great job!
  8. Hi Bob - Not sure what John did when painting/staining, but when I was painting my Norwegian Sailing Pram, I wore vinyl gloves when painting the hull and the seats and just held them while painting. I buy the vinyl gloves in boxes of 100 (I use them also for food handling when doing my meat smoking). I am going to stain the display stand tomorrow and will use gloves and wipe the stain on with a cloth, as you suggested. Hope your Dory is progressing well!
  9. Thanks, Bob. Actually, it dawned on me after I posted the update and commented on the 4 jig supports that I have the Lobster Smack boat waiting in the wings after I complete this boat. Duh... Took one of the jig supports from that kit. I am interested in hearing how others did their masts. That task is next at hand.
  10. It definitely has become more challenging as I move to the top side of the boat! First challenge was the tiller assembly. Had a bit of trouble understanding the instructions, Ultimately, I glued the side pieces on the wrong sides of the tiller, so the hole in the tiller for the extension is on the side and not the top. Not sure how that is going to work, so for now, I have not put the extension on and will simply install the tiller on the rudder without the extension piece. We'll see how it looks. Also, when I put the pin in and tapped both ends to make a rivet, I tapped a bit too hard a
  11. Thanks for the comments, SkiBee and turangi! And also appreciate the "likes" by others following my progress! Took a week off and visited my son and family in South Florida, but now back in COLD Kansas City (just in time to root for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl). OK, back to my Norwegian Sailing Pram... Filled the gaps using turangi's suggestion of Elmer's Wood Filler. Great idea, as I was at first going to use a 2-part auto body filler. This was MUCH easier, and seemed to fill and sand down pretty well. Will definitely use it for future models, as well. (Listen to me looking
  12. A quick update on status. I have completed everything up to the point that they suggest painting the interior/exterior hull. Here are pictures from both ends. Obviously, I have just set the seats and thwarts in the boat for the picture, they will come out before painting, as will the raised dagger board.. Before painting, I do need to still fill in some noticeable gaps in some of the planking. I went to a local auto supply store and purchased a small tube of spot putty and hardener. I will try that process for this boat. Perhaps in future models (I sound optimistic
  13. I'm actually amazed that I have already gotten this far, and appearing to do "fairly well". The past couple of days, I have finished the planking and placed the skeg and bilge keels. The instruction book mentions that there will be some some small divots and gaps in the planks and, yes, I have some! The book mentions two remedies... a mixture of sawdust, glue and water, or a little auto body filler. What have you found to work best in filling those little boo-boos? By the way, my thanks to Turangi for your suggestion on using the hot hair dryer to set th
  14. Progressing slowly but surely (I think!)... Have secured and glued the bottom planks and the keel plank. Is there such a thing as using too many clamps?!? The instruction book mentions a tendency for the planks to bow and lift up off of the molds, which is what mine has done, as well. Going to wet the inner sides and band down overnight, as suggested, to see if that brings down the structure to its proper location. Anyone else have issues/concerns with this? Easily resolved? On to more planking! Thanks for following, reading, and critiquing!
  15. Thanks for the clarification, Arild. Makes sense when doing the mathematics conversion. I think I'm good. And, yes, I read other logs and viewed videos that mentioned inventory. As far as I can tell, everything is there and in good condition. I am moving forward! An update on the bottom planks and keel plank will be posted next. Again, appreciate all of the input!
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