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  1. Really looks good so far. What are you going to use to seal the hull? Satin polyurethane? Cheers, Bill
  2. This looks great so far! The planking is really nice - very well done! Cheers, Bill
  3. Many thanks for having a look and commenting! Cheers, Bill
  4. Many thanks for the kind comments! First, I rubbed all surfaces with a very old tack cloth made by Detro. I am not sure what is in this cloth, but it works very nicely - the package says it is wax and silicon free, but I can feel something almost oily in the cloth. Once everything rubbed and cleaned, I sprayed clear satin polyurethane by Minwax. This gives the results seen in the photos.
  5. Since I was unable to find the missing progress photos, I will end the build log here. Images of the finished model are now posted in the gallery. Many thanks for having a look and commenting. Cheers, Bill
  6. I have somehow misplaced almost all of the remaining progress photos of this build. These are a few images showing close up views of certain details. The kit comes with brass fittings, many of which I replaced with styrene and painted black. This shows details of bowsprit. Closeup of Mast and gaff details. I did not use the flag provided in the kit and printed a replacement mirror image 15 star and 15 stripe flag on my inkjet printer with plain paper. Once printed, both sides were carefully aligned and glued with a very thin even coat of white
  7. Moving forward with more in progress photos. The kit comes with shiny brass fittings, including the rudder hinges. I decided to scratch build replacements from wood with rivet heads from sewing pins and all painted black. The result is not movable and glued in place. The bowsprit in the kit and plans seems too short? I made a longer one that looked better and modified the bitts also. Many thanks for having a look - questions & comments always welcome. Cheers, Bill
  8. Many thanks! I believe the quality of the kit materials may vary with the version and date of issue. Some of items in my kit from 1982 were very good, otherwise were poor. Good luck with your build. Bill
  9. A few more images . The three keel parts in the kit were all different colours, but I went with them anyway. I drilled small pilot holes in the deck for the mast, these will be enlarged later when the masts are fitted.
  10. More images. Bulwark inner planking, stern area, hole for rudder, and cap rails. My kit came with thin plywood cap rails which really looked bad so I made new ones and shaped with a little water and heat.
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