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  1. Really looks good so far. What are you going to use to seal the hull? Satin polyurethane? Cheers, Bill
  2. This looks great so far! The planking is really nice - very well done! Cheers, Bill
  3. Many thanks for having a look and commenting! Cheers, Bill
  4. Many thanks for the kind comments! First, I rubbed all surfaces with a very old tack cloth made by Detro. I am not sure what is in this cloth, but it works very nicely - the package says it is wax and silicon free, but I can feel something almost oily in the cloth. Once everything rubbed and cleaned, I sprayed clear satin polyurethane by Minwax. This gives the results seen in the photos.
  5. Since I was unable to find the missing progress photos, I will end the build log here. Images of the finished model are now posted in the gallery. Many thanks for having a look and commenting. Cheers, Bill
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