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  1. Hey Kirby. About to start the LN and I have a question for you. In attaching the bulwarks (19&20), where are the actual contact points on the hull? I know I can clamp them to the bulkheads to assist with maintaining the shape, but where do I glue? Cheers
  2. Hi Guys. Well, I finished my first ever wooden ship and am very happy with the results. Didn't do a kit build log, but one thing at a time, eh? Plenty of mistakes, so many lessons learned. Thanks to all who uploaded their build logs, as these were all very helpful. Next on my desk is Lady Nelson. Cheers Skully
  3. Hi All Thanks very much for the awesome advice, which I have acted upon and now think (dangerous, I know) that I have all the tools and materials I will need. What I now really need is for the model to arrive! Luckily, I received notification that it should arrive on Tuesday having been delayed by the bottleneck at Dover following the new strain of Covid in the UK. One last question, for now. Do the plans included which paints/finishes I will need? Any tips on what I should order for Lady Nelson? Cheers and please stay safe! Skully
  4. Hey Guys Thanks very much for the awesome advice. I've managed to convince my wife that I need a new workbench solely for modelling and this arrives next week, hopefully with a bunch of other tools and accessories that I've ordered. For those in Europe, I found what might be a very useful keel clamp and some other tools from an Italian company who ship free to Europe. Still might be good for our American friends too. They have a keel clamp similar to Amati, but much, much cheaper and an electric plank bender, again much cheaper than Amati....here are the links... https://artesanialatina.net/en/workshop-measurements/1114-hull-support-planking-painting-building-ship-models.html?search_query=keel&results=28 https://artesanialatina.net/en/electric/1185-electric-plank-bender-wood-modeling.html?search_query=plank&results=4 As you can imagine, I'm very excited to begin building, but haven't even received the model yet! Still, all the resources you have mentioned are provided some much needed information before I even start. Thanks and all the best for 2021....be safe! Skully
  5. Hi All. I'm new to the forum and even newer to wooden ship builds. IAs a kid, I did a few plastic models, but have always been fascinated by the beauty of wooden model ships. I do have an strong affiliation to ships and the sea, having spent 21 years in the Royal Navy. So I've ordered the model and it is due to arrive next week, but I've seen a few of the build logs and realised that I'm going to need more than a couple of pairs of tweezers and a bucket of glue. Is there a good tool combination set that anyone is aware of? I've hunted the interweb, but haven't found anything that caught my eye. Otherwise, elsewhere on the forum is there a list of recommended equipment for a first build? Sorry for the rather basic questions, but I don't even know what glues, paints and varnishes etc are required. Do the kit instructions contain such a list? Thanks for caring! Happy Holidays and Stay Safe Skully
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