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  1. Guess I'll jump in with mine. As a senior in highschool started working for an electrical engnineering company. Stayed with them from 1979 until 2006, company was sold, so five of us started our own company doing the same thing (old company went belly up two years ago). My avatar is my main hobby. I started a hot air balloon ride business, won't get rich but hopefully it will pay for itself. William
  2. Well, here they are. First photos of where I am so far. Will try to update as I go. The glue I'm using is Aleen's "Turbo Tacky" and "Quick Dry TAcky Glue". I also have a small stick of UHU contact glue. The washers and nuts in the background are for weighing down things as they dry.
  3. So sad to find out that the forum suffered a massive failure and lost all of the data. So to help get it back on it's feet I'll start a build log of my paper Bismarck. I started the build back in January and progress has been slow. I have it at my office and work on it during lunch, so all I can do are just a couple of pieces each day. There's suppose to be around 7,000 pieces to the model, so it will take a while to complete. I'm keeping track of the number of pieces I put on in a spread sheet, this way I count them as I go along. I'll post pics soon. William
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