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  1. Once paint and oiling is complete, I was planning on putting a coating of enamel on ENTIRE surface. Please offer your thoughts and advice as to whether this is the correct way to go.
  2. Build is progressing. Still trying to figure out Rudder. Need to re-check Eamon's Log for guidance. Don't hate me for the Blue Bulkhead. I know it is not period correct. I am doing this (my first) build to display in my beach house and the Blue matches the interior. Lame, I know, plus I actually like it!
  3. Are you doing double planking? I am a newbie and still on my first build. I did learn and improve a good bit from first to second planking. I used a good bit of putty to fill in gaps on first planking. Didn't use nearly as much on second. As Allan says I hope to throw it away on next build!
  4. Okay, so I tried an experiment. Looking to paint inside of Bulkhead and trying to not have any "Bleed" onto deck planking. I had read that it if you apply some enamel to the masking tape that it will help eliminate this problem. Being inpatient and not having any clear enamel on hand I decide to try a can of sealant that I had on hand to a piece of tape and with another piece of tape with no additional applications. Image 1230 is the piece with the sealant and image 1229 is with piece with nothing added. and there was no bleeding with the piece with nothing added vs. a good bit with the sealant. I thought this was interesting. I realize the sealant is not the same as enamel, but interesting nonetheless. The question is should I forge ahead without the enamel, or wait and do another test with enamel to try and create the best results.
  5. Hi Eamonn, Once again LOVE your work. I am progressing on my Ballahoo build. Getting ready to paint inside Bulwark, I should have taken your lead and painted BEFORE deck planking. I hope my 3M tape does the trick in preventing "bleed" onto deck. My question is what color did you paint first, Black or white to create this beautiful waterline? Regards, SZiggy8
  6. Bulwark capping rail-I am confused by instructions..."Dry fit the capping rail before gluing using brass pins to hold them in position. Once you are happy with the positioning, glue the rails in place using PVA wood glue and pins to secure the rails until the glue dries". Do they mead to hammer pins in the top of rail to bulwark top edge? THis seems like it would split the wood, and top bulwark edge does not seem designed to be nailed into. Can someone please clarify? I researched on this site and cant find an answer. Thanks
  7. Wow! Amazing build! Your craftmanship is incredible. My Ballahoo build is looking "not worthy" compared to your incredible work! Thank you for sharing and I hope to learn from your experience.
  8. Thanks George, Unfortunately the issue with the Pintles fitting into the eyelets is that the wire is too thick. I actually did a good job of lining them up! Lol. I wish the kits provided proper materials that fit together! The hole I drilled for the Eyelets is a slight bit bigger than the Eyelet, so I will need to ty and comeup with a work around.
  9. Sorry, I got my verbiage wrong. I have been using PVC glue to date. I had also ordered 3 viscosities of the CA glue. That is the one (medium) that dried up on me in a few days. Not sure what happened. Thanks for the info however. I just tried to put on my rudder and had 2 issues, #1 the PVC glue did not hold the Brass Eyelits into place, and #2 the Brass wire is too thick for the eyelits. Should I use a different glue and is it normal to have to sand down wire girth to fit into eyelits?
  10. Thanks George, Not too harsh. I cant be scared away that easily...lol. As you said, I used first planking to learn for second. Really took my time with the second, but still made many mistakes, but happy with the overall results. I have a Dremel, was probably a dumb question. never used it as a drill. I just did to put in the pins, it worked well. Thank you!!! I will send pics when I attach the rudder. Another probably dump question. Is there a way to avoid PVC Glue from drying out? I opened the medium viscosity a couple of days ago, put lid back on snuggly and quickly and it is dried out already. I also have thin and thick viscosity and am afraid to use now.
  11. After looking at pictures it appears that I have wood filler everywhere! Really not the case! Just need to clean up a few spots...lol.
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