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  1. My first planking is done! Not as elegant as I would have liked, but serviceable I guess. For some reason the port side came out a little better than the starboard side. I welcome any constructive feedback. Getting ready to sand and begin final planking.
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  3. As a new member and model ship building neophyte, I posted a couple of months ago, with the ambitious goal of having my first build be the Le Cerf. At the urging of others on this site, I took on a little less challenging project for my first build. So, I ordered HM Ballahoo, and after waiting a few weeks for it to arrive. I began the build and I am close to completing the first planking of my first planking. Will submit pictures in the next couple of days. Be gentle, LOL. Constructive criticism welcome.
  4. Thanks so much Matrim! "Official" modeling pins I ordered are on backorder. This method seems to work great! Still waiting on Ballahoo to arrive to start first full build. Couldn't help but try a bit of block modeling on Le Cerf in the interim.
  5. Looks Great! I am getting ready to start my first build. I have seen other tutorials that show the planks being cut into pieces. What are the pros and cons of doing mostly full length vs. sectional plan cuts?
  6. Thank you all for your advice. I just ordered the HMS Schooner Ballahoo as a build before moving forward with the Le Cerf.
  7. How is your build going? I am new to this and just started on the same build. VERY Challenging for a beginner!
  8. Absolutely Beautiful! I just started a kit version of this as my first build. I hope it bears some resemblance to your stunning work at some point...lol
  9. Just started my first build of the Le Cerf. Ambitious, I know, but I am determined to take my time, learn, and create something beautiful and lasting. I really do not want to become a ship building "statistic". I have made a few models in the past (mostly airplane and cars), read a reasonable amount about ship building and am ready to go. I keep buying tools with the hope that when I hit a obstacle that I will have the right tools to keep going and not lose momentum. This has largely been unsuccessful..lol. My latest speedbump seem simple, but is actually hard to find a direct answer to.
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