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  1. Thanks Paul. It will definitely be an adventure and as to success, we'll have to wait and see Stuart
  2. Thanks for the welcome Mark. Thanks for the book pointer, not a cheap book. I thought so too, especially all lined up together in the same scale but I can't see that happening. Stuart
  3. Thanks Chris for the welcome and pointers. I didn't list Battleship Renown and battlecruisers as I already have these kits. The 1744 Renown looks like a very impressive model but its physical size and price is a bit phohibitive but we'll see. I very much like the idea of building waterline, so I think it'll be scratch all the way but the advice is to start off easy so I'll hunt down something close to the subject period, witha couple a guns to get some practice. Cheers Jon from Oz @Jim Lad Stuart
  4. Hi All, With a little dabble in modelling many years ago, I have been modelling solidly for about 25 years building plastic kits of various subjects in various scales. On the nautical front, I've built plastic kits of submarines , an MTB and currently scratch building (albeit slowly) a tug and gearing up to scratch build the Japanese steamer 'Fushimi Maru' in 2021...all in plastic. As my username may imply, I have a naval connection in that I served in the Royal Navy, the last ship (submarine) being HMS Renown SSBN. Nearing retirement and more time, I am keen to build ships bearing
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