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    I have always been a miniature enthusiast. I am happiest when I am creating something I’ve never made before, especially something scratch-built. I’ve worked with many different materials but wood is my go-to.

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  1. It's absolutely no problem 😊 Thank you so much for the info! Next time I'll do more research before I post a question. It's so obvious now haha.
  2. I've made a plank bending jig from pegboard. I glued 3 layers together and added wooden dowel pins. Now that my walnut planks have arrived I can focus my attention back on planking the hull. I find this step to be incredibly intimidating 😳 Wish me luck!
  3. Hi Phil, I refer to your build log frequently as I build my own Albatros. You do such lovely work 😊 My kit has a bell that appears to be mounted on a sort of boxy shelter with a glass front. I didn't see a bell on your deck and so was wondering if the glass was an accurate historical detail. I've seen photos of the bell in all sorts of hanging contraptions but not on an enclosed box. What is the purpose of the glass front? Do you have any suggestions for me before I put this together? Thank you in advance😄
  4. This really turned out looking great! I’m building one myself but finding the instructions quite lacking in actual instruction haha. Were the instructions you used very detailed?
  5. Hi Nazir, Just wondering if you ever got that pdf file on the rigging for the Albatros? If so, I would love to see it!
  6. It's been a few days and I'm patiently waiting for my walnut planking strips to arrive 🙄. In the meantime, the keel clamp I ordered did arrive so I made a base for it as it came w/o one. I also put together the little life boat that came with my kit. I glued all of the layers together and applied a sealer to the whole thing after sanding the hull. I then applied a coat of white acrylic, sanded, more acrylic, sanded a tiny bit more but not much then more acrylic. After it dried I applied a coat of polyurethane semi-gloss. Honestly this little boat was the best part of the
  7. I've removed the flimsy balsa planks and MUCH attention was repaid to fairing the hull more on the advice of @GuntherMT (thank you!) It's almost where I want it to be so the sanding continues..
  8. Hello andrew2! I, too, am a newcomer here. You will come to discover, as I have, the people here are insanely knowledgeable in this area of modeling and are super helpful. I have had such a great experience thus far! Have fun above all else 😄
  9. I use these sticks frequently for use in my other miniature projects. What a great idea as planking!
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