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  1. Hello, at long last, Nenad! In my absence from the forum, I've had ups and downs like everybody else. Right now I'm thinking about purchasing a 3d printer; which could potentially solve my problems with trim pieces, etc but it will be a while. The dimensions could be scaled for anyone; and if I DO (admiral) purchase a 3d printer, I'd be happy to provide anyone on this forum with parts minus shipping. Cutty has had some damage from the moves; I'll get her back and move on.... Your Friend, Bob
  2. Yes, Longridge and Campbell for your reference... Wood is just wood; if your dimensions differ from the plans, I would suggest you remake or remodel them accordingly.
  3. Hello, Primey; I'm trying to get caught up with everyone; You're doing very fine work so far. As your kit has more lavish woods than a life replica, I suppose you should decide if you want the beautiful veneer (an artistic version, which I wouldn't copper) or a more historical version painted and coppered. (That is the choice we all have to make Anyhow, She'll be beautiful no matter what ! Bob
  4. Hothead's skills are superb! I'ts good you have a wonderful architect and (Princess, budding Doctor) in your family; I miss teasing the "old attorney"; Hope you and your family are doing well, It's been a pleasure to catch up to your fine work; I still have more to go... Your Good Friend; Bob
  5. Hello, Jens; I have been away for many months now, and am just logging back on to MSW. Life has thrown me some hurdles lately, so I apologize for not responding. I have much catching up to do; both with following my friends' posts and restarting my builds. I'll let you all know what's going on in due time. Your Friend, Bob
  6. Thanks, Larry Unfortunately I wasn't paying close attention to the stern planking, and I found I was tapering too much at the stern on belt "B". So on the 7th strake of belt B I am having to introduce stealers. This is the first time I've made and used proper stealers (I cheated on the Cutty Sark, as all stealers would have been hidden by the coppering). I made the stealers alongside their planks and shaped them off the ship; hopefully they'll align properly on the ship....
  7. Ok, so no new work on the Cutty as of yet by me; but to keep this post halfway alive, here's some pictures of what the last year has done on the copper. I really like the patina, some copper has lifted up due to handling, (that's ok too) but I don't like these dark spots that I'm finding. What do you guys think it might be? I know I haven't spilled paint; this seems like oxidation; maybe moisture condensation that I'm unaware of? ~Bob
  8. ...Hull planking resumes after a 14-month hiatus (thought it was 16 months, so I feel a tiny bit better) You can see where the port and starboard planking doesn't always match with perfect bilateral symmetry, but I've tried to compensate along the way...
  9. Hi Marc; Niagara is getting hull planking on belt "B"; I was working on Cutty's deadeye strops and trying to figure out how to do the scrollwork, etc. Vic was getting her bulkheads and false keel laid out and cut. I chose Niagara to ease myself in, as I'm pretty much following kit plans, and all the materials are there in one box.
  10. Hello all; I am now doing work on the Niagara on my living room floor... Haven't gotten around to buying the materials for a workbench yet... I unpacked enough stuff (sanding block, x-acto, miter box, and a few of my rulers, calipers, etc.) to do a little work, and have now shaped a couple of planks for the Niagara for the first time in 16 months... Niagara to whet my whistle, Cutty to finish, and HMS Victory waiting in the wings.....
  11. Remember this ship is 146 years old.. If you had a house that old, lots if remodeling would be done... You are doing a first rate job, my Friend! ~Bob
  12. Thank You, everyone; I finally have room for a dining room table (Which was my previous workbench in a one-bedroom apt.) So I'll have to build a new workbench. I am now in Nebraska, where I want to be; but I'ts hard for me to be at ease when we have our friend that is still mourning. ~Bob
  13. I will be doing a move from Denver, Co to Lincoln Ne. within the week. We'll see what happens...
  14. So very sorry to hear this news, my Friend; my heart is with you and your family. Your Friend, ~Bob

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